NiteIze Lite Bite (or - can anyone look more stupid?)


Done worse. But managed to destroy the photos.....

Buy headlamp.

Like this one?

lol i'm guilty of the mouth god i've never wanted my headlamp so much after putting together my mom in laws barbeque with an itp a1 in my mouth..the bite thing would actually have been better than gimp lips...

I'm guilty of mouth hold . I've even slid a length of clear vinyl tubing on my ITP A3 to facilitate easier tooth grip .

The drool is the worst part .

Yes that is a sweet headband light I need it to go with my jump suit, armbands, and Sony Walkman.

Nite ize te company that will try to sell anything .. as seen on radio

A lot of their stuff is pretty cool, like the Maglite upgrades and the little twisty tie downs. They also now own the Inova flashlight brand.

I just zip tied my xeno e03 to the bill of my hat.