Niteye EYE40 XM-L U2 3000 Lumens 4 X 18650 Sale

Illumination Supply has these on sale with 4 left after I just gabbed one. It appears to be a clearance sale item at $199.99 with free USA shipping. By far the best price I have seen on this light. The normal price is listed as having been $329. Everything I have bought with IS free shipping has shipped Priority Mail so it is a good deal for those in the USA. At this price DISCOUNT CODES DO NOT WORK as I tried all three that I have seen posted. Still one hell of a buy IMO. BY the way the listing is not accessible from their site drop down menu so far as I could tell. Use the link below or do a search for “niteye” from the site home page. I found it first from a Google search for Niteye. This is the ONLY Niteye item that a web site search shows up.

Here is a link to a review of the light.

Should have been visible under "Special Deals" guess I'll have to take a look at our links and layout of the website. On a side note our LaborDay sale just kicked in, I believe you purchased a SWM recently? Let me know if you did so I can refund you the difference.

I did not check there so it may be. I looked under flashlights and then the various makers and Niteye was not listed.

$199 is a great price!
I bought an EYE40 over a year ago and I love it?
I paid $225 at the time. I had never seen a price that low for an EYE40 ever, until now.
The UI is unique. If you like low and moonlight modes, forget it. This is a search light, not meant for checking up on the kids.
All four emitters run on high. As you turn the magnetic collar, one XML comes on. Another click and a second emitter lights up, etc. until all four are running.
It’s really High-Higher-Highest-Highester.
I love the UI. When I pull out a big light, I want light. If you’re just going to take a pee, carry a small AA light.

Nice find. Thank you for reporting it Richwouldnt.