Nitro's C8 giveaway winner is (tatasal)

Hey guys this C8 host is from my last giveaway it uses a XRE (red) the middle is like goldish/yellow if u don’t like it I can switch it to black

Ill post night pics later

As for rules heck with them anyone can get in


Im in thanks again…

Count me in, thx.

Is that op plastic or aluminum?
Either way, count me in!

I’m in, thanks.

Lot’s of good vibes your way!!!
Plus the obligitory pay it foward.

A red c8, nice…
I am in

In please! thanks!

Count me in, thanks

I am in!


I’d like to be in, too :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep! I’m in! :slight_smile:

Please count me in - I have never owned a red one.

My next one will be aspheric with a copper sink and a sinkpad

I’ll take it because my name is like yours. Just kidding!

I don’t want to be entered in this, but will say that is awesome though! Good stuff.

thank you nitro!
i’m in.

I’m In. Thanks.

It’d look better in all black or all gold…jmo.

Are you sure it’s not aluminium? :wink:

Whatever it is, I’m in.

Woot, count me in! Thanks for doing the giveaway, nitro