Niwalker minimax nova mm15 2xMt-g2 battery reccomendations and lockout mod/brief review

I just picked up one of these from hkequipment(ebay) and ran it on cgr18650cg (5amps max rated i think). Doesnt look quite as impressive as I had hoped but the build quality seems worth the money. Perfect tint too.

Would it be worth me getting some ncr18650PF (10a) hybrids for a bit more punch or is there better options for £24.60. Ie if I dont need more amps than Iv tried I could get higher mah cells instead. Cheers

*Did a 40 min walk in the country tonight in two halves with 30 mins rest in between. Used 775mah from my batteries. I used turbo around 5 times for 60 seconds max and mostly l4-l5. The last ten minutes it seemed to get warmer than on the way out and the red led came on while on turbo. I guess my batteries suck as I wasnt even halfway into their tested mah.

I love the beam but people at a 130 degree angle to me were not so impressed including a police officer driving and two other guys who were pissed how pathetic their torches looked. The guys were on a road at a 90 degree angle to my beam and 100ft away and all i heard was feck me and owww. As I suspected when its on any higher than l2-l3 you have to point it at your toes if you dont want to blind a car driver. This kind of negates why I wanted it as I hoped for a torch that lights my way not illuminates a bird on a tree 5 miles away.

Maybe I can knock up a rubber boot to block the very outer edge of spill that is pissing people off.

Anyway I sound negative but this torch feels good, lights up a field, didnt seem to use much juice from my aging batteries. It fits in the rear pocket of my skinny jeans plus I get on well with the button and ui. I love the green illumination so I can find the button to turn my hand heater down

Got bored of spending hours charging 4 single cells only to know the torch can drain them in a few months “locked out” or not, so improvised a mechanical lockout. I may redo it when I have better materials but it seems to work well. I wanted to use a thin disc of tin and some silicone to stick it for a bit of give but dont have any right now

I cut one of the electrodes from a battery point and added a lump of solder on top of the end plate. Then added two thin washers to the center electrode to raise the screw. I took the anodising off the inside of the battery can and now it uses that for total lock out.