Niwalker - total dissatisfaction !!! Shame on you.

This is how Niwalker people understand how to behave with their clients. Words are useless. I recommend not to buy flashlights from them !!!

When talking about warranty. You talk to the walls.

No answer so far.

When you want to buy a flashlight. Prompt response.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately most CS people have limited English skills (like me) and the scripts they use are aimed at selling. So they are NOT ready, willing, and able. Mum’s the word.
You might give it another try on the social media :smiling_imp:

You say the driver of your light is damaged. Are you sure? It isn’t the led or the switch?
Anyway, a non working flashlight is a useless flashlight.
A working driver can be bought: there are members who manufacture and sell fine drivers.

Don’t worry someone will step in soon & defend them :smiley:

Hey, cut ’em a break! When my puppy ran off, a NW rep came to my house to help look for him!