[NLD] MT09R from Texas Ace


So I just opened this and didn’t get to try it out at night yet - but holy crap is this bright. I bought the light from the sale and it was modded by Texas Ace. 100% ramping, spring bypass, xhp70.2 5000K x 3, de-domed. It is insanely bright. Gets hot very fast.

The lighting doesn’t do it justice. The anodizing is a very pretty navy blue.

I freaking love mine. The best way I’ve been able to describe it; it’s “STUPID” bright. 8^)

What is the light next to it in your picture?

Noctigon Meteor M43. The BLF Q8s bigger sister, and the smaller bigger sister of the MT09R.

Also, that is Navy Blue?

Mine looks much bolder than that, I couldn’t recognize it at first.

I love my MT09R and MT03 modded by TA. Super bright and good tint. I’m wondering with your dedomed, how does the tint look like and are there any artifacts? Would be nice to see your beamshots since you are the only one with the dedome!

It’s navy blue. Really pretty color in bright light. I’ll see if I can get a nice picture of the tint - it’s neutral white in the center and gets warmer around that.

The XHP70.2, compared to the Nichia 144AM at the same brightness, is a barf fest of tints and low CRI.

However, at 50% ramp, other than the much better color tint of the Nichia, I can’t even see the tint shift.

Same. Mf09r triple xhp70.2 and xhp35, even mt07s modded by TA. I couldnt be any happier… brighter, reliable driver, and easy UI ( ramping ).

nice, the MT09R would be awesome if it had the TA driver from the beginning, a bit jealous of u all who has it. still like my xhp35 cw even tho it could been brighter.

Get the Lexel buck driver with NarsilM.

All the power of the FET TA driver, but with the efficiency to match.

Thanks for mentioning this. At some point I would like to get an mt09r and I thought the TA driver was the only one and the way to go, but this sounds very interesting if it truly provides equal output.

I haven’t really been following any threads about it so I’ve got a lot of reading/research to do on this light. (I have noticed talk of the stock driver needing swapped).
Just keep seeing people mention about the insane output it delivers. (20,000lm) ^:)

By efficient, I mean, efficiency will be much better at levels below 150W.

Above that level, the FET is probably as efficient, but does drop output as voltage drops.

Ok I see, so it’s like the Lexel Q8 driver vs the stock Q8 driver: (both DD in turbo, but way more regulation on the lower modes).

Thanks for explaining.

I think it’s awesome they made this available in all the different annodization colors.

Not sure if this is the best price but they seem to have all the colors here:


I saw this a while back, but never posted about this for good reason.

It had the defective driver.

At that price though, I would just buy an MT03 II and send it off to either Texas Ace or install the Lexel buck driver.

I recently found a code which lowers the MT03 II price to 85$, which is the best price I have ever seen.

It has even slightly better build quality with more fins and better waterproofing than the MT09R, but not as throwy.