NLD: (picture heavy) Noctigon, FireFlies, Lumintop, Astrolux, Emisar


I have gotten a lot of lights in recently, or over the last month, but today is an exciting day that i have deemed worthy of updating this page for anyone who is still out there :))

I got the final parts in to do the following mods - Install a sbt90.2 in a KR1 (hank even tossed me a centering ring! dont know if ill need it but good to have regardless). Install a 7.5amp CC driver with lighted switch in my D1 and D1s (never done a driver swap, this could get interesting!). Install a Hank supplied XHP35 HI 4000k in the M2r Warrior (thanks Mattlward for the light! Now time to make it shine purrrdy!). And last but not least, Install a new LED in the S2r Baton II Titanium (been waiting on these optics from AliX, now time to white knuckle it as i drill a hole in the face of this thing tomorrow! Not sure if im installing a SFT40, CULPM1, or maybe even a xpl-hi 2850k). So, thats what i got on the table for now, heres a pic of the parts!


fw3t with Cu 18350- I just had to share this, I got this yesterday on a trade from member rjkesler, thank you man! It is SO NICE! Look at that Patina! RJ is definitely a stand up dude, and we have done more than one trade and he has went above and beyond to make it a great experience. I mean, just look at this light!


OK, so it's been awhile, and i wanted to actually delete this thread and try again because in the last few weeks i've learned that you can make the pictures a smaller dimension before posting them, which helps them load quicker and easier to view. But it would take awhile and i have not gotten around to it. So, I basically stopped posting here because it is even getting difficult for me to load this thread with a pretty decent internet connection. But, TODAY, i received an amazing light and needed to share it, and a couple others i got over the last month since i posted last.

Astrolux EC03 (xhp50)- got this a couple days ago, and i have been waiting for Banggood to stock this emitter/body color since they came out with the green ano. So, i ordered it immediately. It came in, and its more awesome than i remember! i bought an xhp50 ec03 when they came out as a gift for a friend, then later when they ran out of stock i ordered myself the sst40 version (and i sold it because i never liked the beam). So Glad to have this light!

ACEBEAM K75 !! OK, so this is my grail light! I had recently received a message from a BLF member who saw my mindless ramblings in a thread somewhere about how much I loved this light and had been holding out for months for a decent price used one. This member was so amazing, he made me an offer to buy it from him, and the price just made sense! I unfortunately had to sell a couple of my lights, but nothing i was totally in love with. But today i received the K75! it is on the heals of my WT90, so that is a weird feeling because i am still drooling over the WT90, but as you see in the picture, the K75 is a whole 'nother level! So its used, but i could afford it and this awesome member made my flashlight dream come true!


Mateminco MT07 - So, i ordered this from Neal's Gadgets specifically because i really wanted this light with xpl-hi 5000k. I had the sst20 5000k and sold it a while back, and bought the sst20 4000k. I like the 4000k, but it doesnt have that wow factor brightness that i came to love about this little light and that would turn my entire backyard into daylight at night (this light has the best combo of flood and throw of any light i own, or have owned, so far). So, i knew i wanted to get another 5000k version of this but because i have been trying so many lights in xpl-hi i have come to really prefer them over the sst20 led (less green, brighter IMO). And Neal was the only place i could easily find it, and for a pretty good price, and he has all of the colors available. I went with sand. i really like the anodization. this think appearance-wise seems 50% brighter than my FireFlies e07x pro, but i know its just a different angle in the optic giving it that appearance. I think one of the biggest wins for Mateminco/astrolux with this light is they selected the perfect optic for it, perfect angle. I don't know what it is, but it just works!


Lets just say, two really good days!

Emisar DT8. -wow! wasnt sure i even wanted this thing, and now that i have it (i got it on the 14th, so 24 hours ago) i cant believe how much i like it! the output is Impressive! the size is Impressive and small! the heat sinking fins are awesome! this thing is Brighter looking than my e07x pro (sst20 5000k) and it has xpl-hi 2850k's in it! Great tint, gret output, design is much better than i thought, it disappears in the pocket. ive been carrying it all day today and it literally feels like a d4, but with 8 emitters! machining is flawless too. i installed the fw3a captured clip on it since the pic.

Emisar d4sV2 - i got it, again, in the W2. you know a light is good, and that your an idiot, if you buy it again after selling it 3 months ago. I knew i shouldn't of sold it when i did it, so i picked it up again with the DT8. It throws like a beast, heats like a chmney, and looks like no other. love this light. have a olight m2r pro clip on order for it (thanks to RJ).

WildTrail WT90 - WOW, again! this came in an hour ago, and it is gorgeous! been waiting since April, and per usual i feel like i am one of the last on the GB list to get my delivery lol, but its all good. mine so far looks flawless, so i am happy! the clear ano looks great, and everything about its machining and design appears well thought out and even bettter executed! ill try to post a beam shot with it compared to the mf02sV2 i got last month.


Astrolux FT03 Mini (xhp50, 5700k) - Blue body. Great little light with Anduril and Aux lights in the reflector! didnt think much of having aux lights n the reflector when i ordered them but they are bright and help as a night light in the dark! they are really cool, and these two lights are built Great! i have been forutnate with 99% of my Astrolux lights in terms of function and build quality, probably why i like the brand so much (I know not everyone has the same experience unfortunately). I have the included 18350 bodies on and the Convoy s2 deep carry pocket clips which fit really well. In cargo shorts these thing are my new afternoon/nightime edc. They seem almost as bright as the bigger brother FT03, and get pretty good battery life with the 1000mah epoch 18350 im running in them.

Astrolux FT03 Mini (sst40, 5000k) - Green Body. ^ ditto.

Oh, and the E07x 22430 bodies came in today, the right ones in the right colors. Threw a picture in.

These are two of my last posts to this thread for awhile, the last one will (hopefully) be coming in two weeks - the WildTrail WT90 (sbt90.2 thrower, 3x21700, 100mm head size). Thse two Ft03 mini's werent planned when i started this thread. everything up until these two have been known and planned to be on this NLD thread, but i ordered both of these 10-12 days ago because Fin17 had such a great sale on them through Banggood. The Wildtrail I have coming in wasnt planned originally for this thread either, but i am extending this thread to include it becuase it is a New Group Buy through Texas Ace, and for those of you who check in on this thread - you should check it out. It should be a serious competitor to the TN42 V2, but with Narsil (huge win IMO = turn off thermal regulation), and at a really great groupbuy price that WILL BE ENDING in a couple of weeks (see thread here:


E07x pro (22430) - FireFlies shipped the e12r (22430) bodies instead of the e07x bodies. Long story, but i have the correct colored e07x boies coming in soon. In case anyone wanted to know, they are interchangeable. The e07x is awesome with the short body! i have been carrying exclusively since i got this short body in.

GT mini (sbt90.2) - I stuffed the sbt90.2 into the gt mini pro i have, i got the LED from Simon at Convoy. the gt mini with this led is really fun! it is pretty comparable to the ft03 with xhp50, in a much smaller size. i still need to ream the reflector and set it up better so its centered and the bezel closes all of the way, but here it is anyway.


Here we are! the day i have been waiting for since March! The FireFlies E07x Pro's! These two lights are gorgeous. I am Beyond impressed with everything about them. They are everything i like about the e12r, but pocketable. The color and finish is done SO WELL. The Bin on the sst20 4000k is FA4 and looks so good. I may order the black one now that i have these in hand (nichia), as these two are so impressive. They are a little bigger than the KR1, a little heavier, but that is the best comparison size. I will post a size picture comparison if anyone is interested. I have the 22430 tubes and batteries on order, i ordered them after the fact. Will update that picture in a week or so.

Deep Red = sst20 4000k

Navy Bue = sst20 5000k



Alright, its been about a week and a half, heres what came in today!

Emisar D4V2 (Cyan) xpl-hi 5D 4000k - with Cyan lighted Switch! need I say more??

Emisar D4v2 (Gray) xpl-hi 5D 4000k - with Amber lighted Switch! I'll let the pictures talk!

If you cant tell, I am Very excited about these Oh, and no Lanyard hole on either, such a beautiful thing!



Emisar D4v2 Titanium (sst20 Mix - (2x) 4000k / (2x) 2700k) - My first Titanium D4 and it is so nice, love the finish, and it is actually lighter then and i thought it'd be which is awesome. I like the mix of 4000k & 2700k thanks to the members who mentioned that!

Emisar D4v2 Brass (xpl-hi 4000k) - I had a W2 osram version i sold recently and picked this one up from Hank with the titanium version. The brass is great and my last one after owning it 6-7 months started having a nice mild patina finish to it, cant wait for this one now.

Thanks for checking out my NLD page !



Convoy M21c (cslpm1) - Came in today, My first M21c, this version has the 6 amp driver and cslpm1 osram. Cannot wait for it to get dark out. I have the M21a with the same 6 amp driver and cslpm1, but with this head size being about 25% larger i'm excited to compare the throw. This one is still pretty compact.



Noctigon KR4 (W2) - In cyan, came in yesterday. It looks so good, i cant believe it took me almost a year of them being out to order cyan in the KR4 and KR1. This KR1 replace one i sold a month or so ago. I also got my bag of parts I ordered from Simon yesterday which included a CULPM1 osram ("w2.2") on 20mm mcpb, so I may put that in this KR1. I ordered it with the cslpm1 in it.



FireFlies e12r (sst20 4000k)- My first FireFlies light, and all i can say is - it is exceeds expectations! Build quality seems great, function seems great (using it for about an hour last night), design and finish is great. I am already looking to pick out another e12r. I like the sand finish a lot, very matte. I like the size and weight very much, and i like the button feel a very much even though i read it is weird. Only thing is Anduril 2 will take some getting used to for at least setting the light up, hopefully that is the only big adjustment. Kind of wishing it had the latest Anduril v1 on it, but it'll be fine.

FireFlies ROT66 (xpl-hi 5A 4000k)- my other first FireFlies ! They came in together, and another machined beauty! i know at this point the rot66 is not the newest light out, but i am Really glad i pulled the trigger on this one. It looks amazing, has an unbelievable finish, and the brightness is amazing with these xpl-hi, and they are nice and rosy! Also, the size is barely bigger than the MF01 mini, and it is MUCH brighter. Yesterday was a good day for receiving flashlights!



Lumintop GT micro brass (cslnm1) - my first Micro and this thing is incredible! Probably my favorite and most well built Lumintop so far. throws almost as well as the KR1 with culpm1. Ill be putting a cslpm1 in this little micro brass. Now i'm on the lookout for an aluminum version too.

Lumintop GT mini Pro. Actually came in a couple of days ago. Ive sliced the dome off, but once my Convoy AliX order comes in ill be reflowing a CULPM1 into this. Ill post beam shots then.



Astrolux mf01 mini, sst20-4000k came in. Sold my 5000k and ordered this one, in the same raw aluminum finish which looks great. Still has the brass spacer on battery + in the head which was good to see.



So, i figured why not just keep adding to the original post, in case any one cares or is watching and interested. Plus, considering I sold so many lights in the last month, i have a bunch of (what i think are) fun and new torches coming in. Here are the two that i got today:

KR4 - cyan w/ added titanium battery tube, sst20, 4000k. Keeping the original 10622 optic in this one. Ill post a beam shot next to the xpl-hi 4000k 5d from Hank. I am Shocked how green the sst20 4000k looks next to the xpl-hi 5d. I know the 5D is not hi Cri, but it has a really nice look.

K1 SBT90.2 - what can i say? i have two ft03s', and i have been wanting this for awhile now. cant wait for the darkness!



Astrolux FT03 xhp50 5700k with SS bezel came in today. The blue looks sharp!



(Is NLD a thing on blf? Ohwell, like it or hate it...)

Got a new KR4 in, with 5D 4000k xpl-hi's. I have been back and forth on whether or not to order these over the sst20 4000k for awhile, and i am really happy with them. Every bit as bright (or close enough) as the xpl-hi 5000k, with a nice rosy color that many on here mention.

I have sold about half my collection in the last 5 weeks, and i have too many lights on order to remember at this point. I kind of changed my "philosophy" (hah) on what i wanted and enjoyed, and most of it is 4000k and hi cri. But i have a couple more xpl-hi 4000k coming in too. Really looking forward to them, now.

Also, i started the thread here because i have been on a KR4 / titanium kick, and have another setup like the black one in this thread but in cyan, coming in shortly.

The black/ti KR4 is the new one, the copper/titanium has been in the pocket for about a month.

Left: Hank's XPL-hi 5000k, Right: Hank's XPL-hi "5d" 4000k

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What is NLD?

Oh, it’s “new light day”. Thanks for reading my ramblings here :+1:

Never seen the black and sliver version, where did you get it from?

Thank you for showing.

Black & silver is so much nicer than the copper-titanium light :+1:

Bought an extra titanium battery tube from Hank. Not cheap. But for a couple KR4’s I think it’s worth it. I like the look. I have a cyan version coming in soon too, will post pictures.

Yea I like them both, not sure which one more, but I think when I have the cyan version it will be my favorite. Thanks for looking.

Nice :+1:

Lumintop came in

That cyan + titanium looks NICE. I just ordered a Ti+Cu D4v2 a few days ago and now I sense there might be a cyan one in my future.

thanks! I appreciate it! yea i started going down the rabbit hole ordering kr4’s and titanium tubes from hank, they look great but it gets pricey lol.

I really like that black & titanium . Sharp look ! :+1:

Nice collection going on there. :+1:

Thank you! I don’t know which one I like more, the black and ti or cyan and ti. Grey is next! Lol

Thanks Pennzy!

“w2” KR1 from came in yesterday, cyan color looks great! thanks Illumn! This was a recent purchase and they got it to me in about 4-5 days. and it was packaged very well with the couple of batteries i bought too.

You’re a machine Arti !

Can’t take it with you. :money_mouth_face:

Thats what my wife said! Well, when she saw the credit card bill at least! lol.

No not really. All of these lights are coming in so close together because about 4-6 weeks ago i sold a ton of lights and bought all of these at about the same time. So luckily, that funded these new beauties and kept the damage to the credit card pretty light, she barely even noticed :innocent:

you’re damn right Pennzy. Life’s to short to Not own awesome sh*t. as long as the bills get paid first :sunglasses: