EBAY- Olight SR51: XM-L2, both battery carriers $47.16


2 Panasonic CGR 50A 26650’s

US $24.95


Nitecore P12 too low to advertise (MAP) :bigsmile: use coupon P12

NITECORE P16 too low to advertise (MAP) :bigsmile: use coupon P16

BTU Shocker for $90 (with coupon bgf156)

Fire-Foxes FF4 for $199 (with coupon bgff4)

FYI - the dealer accepted $44 best offer !


on offer again until 5am GMT on the 26th


They’ve now changed this to a sale, ends in 10 hours, will go back to $58

P12 deal dead?

Here’s another Olight SR51 (XML2 version) from ebay for $60: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221404240562
I think it’s good price because it has 2x Olight 3400mAh 18650’s included + both carriers + some kind of 18650 powerbank case.
Worldwide FREE shipping, without those pesky “import charges” that some USA sellers like to charge.

Edit: Seems that the seller has bumped the price up by $5 and added more units for sale.

WOW thats amazing price. Those are genuine NCRB cells…

Woah that really is a great price Blinkey. That ends up being around $40 for the flashlight. Shame I already ordered it from Doingoutdoor a few days ago :frowning:

$4.99 with coupon code ts5

Aff link 38 In 1 Best-888A Electronic Tool Precision Screwdriver Set

Non aff link

Nitecore IntelliCharger i4 - lowest price I have seen so far :slight_smile: Over 1.1K units sold from seller.

EBAY item # 251529690081

this is a brand affiliated with SF

Fenix LD12 for US$42.99 with free shipping on Massdrop (a group-buy website)
I’ve ordered from the site a few times. Ecig stuff mostly, and they do provide decent service.

The GB ends in 5 days, is limited to 210 orders, and 60 have already been placed. The order won’t ship until 14 days after the GB ends. My last item I ordered from Massdrop arrived in about 3 days to central Texas.

Trustfire 3T6 for $20.99 on Amazon, free shipping >$35


Version is always a lottery on Amazon, might be US only.

No extra good deal of the A9….cheaper at 25.98 before coupon

Seems to me a great price and looks good! New arrivals from banggood:

Eagle Eyes X6 CREE XM-L2 U2 1A/3C 5modes LED Flashlight @ US$17.38 with BLF coupon

Eagle Eyes F35 CREE XM-L2 U2 1A/3C Tactical LED Flashlight @ US$22.52 witb BLF coupon

Eagle Eyes F30 CREE XM-L2 U2 1A/3C 4modes LED Flashlight @ US$22.07 witb BLF coupon

Eagle Eyes F10 CREE XM-L2 U2 R51A/1A/3C Turn Angle LED Flashlight @ US$20.23 witb BLF coupon

2 days left.
Olight SR51 with 2 batteries

Have best offer option.