The link goes to the flashlight not a headlamp , not sure why the address says headlamp??

Probably this one

or this

Olight ST-25 Baton from Banggood, 59.99 45 USD with coupon “ST25”

Review thread:

very good deal?

~~Clone of SkyRay 5 x XM-L only 23.76$ :open_mouth: http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_52556.html~~

GearBest change the price, now for 34.90$, end the deal (error in price? :~ )

EDIT: $22.57 with GBBLF coupon :bigsmile: and “Tracking number + $1.99” is optional

and this is good deal?

Opus BM-100 LCD Smart Intelligent Battery Charger 24.42$



Multi-use strap [TT_Wrench] handles up to 4 in. diameter. Ideal for opening/closing bottles, jars, etc. Great for household or workshop applications.

Product Specifications
Product Overview:
Set:Open Stock
Handle Material:cushioned plastic handle
Strap or Chain Material:Strong reinforced rubber strap
Dimensions and Weight:
Item Weight (lbs.):0.5
Strap or Chain Width (in.):11

Just wanted to post that this Aliexpress dealer got my order to me in 10 days, ordered May 28 and delivered June 7, used the United States Postal Service to ship. Ordered 3 of these headlamps and they were packaged in a box and not the usual envelope most use.

Ailsa Hao’s store

Also avdertising 3-7 day shipping here on 3 or more items or anything over $6 USD.

It can can run off AA and 14500

A couple lights on special from BG email (click on pic):

UltraFire C8 for $5.99.

Warsun MX900 $22. W/batteries and charger for $32.50.

Banggood.com Fenix LED Flashlight AOT-Small Red Traffic Wand @$1.64 | Coupon: BLF “:http://bit.ly/BG-Fenix-Traffic-Wand-sales | ”Non-Aff Link”:http://www.banggood.com/Fenix-LED-Flashlight-AOT-S-AOT-M-AOT-L-Red-Traffic-Wand-p-918694.html

Buy 3 and it will be $1.28/pc!!! HKE selling at $10.95/pc PD32 (24mm dia) and PD35 (25.4mm dia) LD20 (21.5mm dia)

Medium and larger size are also available.

Free solar panel. Not sure on the specs but it says on the FAQ it’s rated at 4v output max. 2-4week shipping.



No longer offered - probably got a billion orders

Banggood.com Skilhunt DS20 / Coupon: SKDS20

Direct competitor to Olight S20-L2 baton?

Opus BM-100 LCD Smart Intelligent Battery Charger Suitable for AA / AAA Battery $18.98 after coupon ->

In your shopping cart, look at the right hand column (above Payment method). Click at “Have a coupon code?>”. Then enter SKDS20 and you will find the discounted price.

Better move it to a banggood thread, this is the wrong place. But while I’m at it: I’m sorry but it sounds a lot like there is nothing to blame banggood for. You cannot pay something simply by logging into paypal, it’s simply impossible.

Solarstorm warrior for $30


Expire: June 15

Discussion here :


Most people Don't include it, which is a shame, so this thread get full of comments and discussions....people have a hard time reading the letters in CAPS in the thread title.

No longer offered…

DQG 26650 Triple

$3.29 with code fa8 , in stock in US and China warehouses

aff link CREE Q3 3W 210 Lumen 1 Mode Mini Focus Flashlight Torch with Pen Clip Black

non aff

This morning at the Lowes on Harbison Blvd, Columbia, SC, almost all the vices were on clearance. Some a great prices. Drill press vises,suction cup base vises and such for under $5. They had a nice one that is normally around $40 something for $15. Funny thing is, I can't find them online but they are there in the store in the tools section.

Discussion thread.

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