Pulled the trigger last night when I found this great price plus “blfuser” gets additional 5% off so under $100.
My first multi emitter light.

Here's probably the cheapest XM-L2 light available currently. I don't know about the quality/performance, just post it here maybe some people like it. KD - Manta Ray M2 Cree XM-L2 5-Mode 1300 Lumens LED Flashlight (1 x 18650) - (Black and silver color).

I picked up a Thrunite TN30 XM-L2 version last night for $148 from WB

This one is a little cheaper from KD. They have 1 or 5 mode.

Balder HD1 at discounted price $26

Balder TD0 at discounted price $19.74

now the HD1 pricing is more decent than before when I bought it :frowning:


(UK) 7dayshop are selling 3rd gen AA eneloops, £7.19 for a pack of 4:

Haven’t seen this posted…but tmart has the HD 2010 for $31.39 or $28.25 after ‘TLFLASH’ 10% discount code. Ships from US warehouse. Don’t have one yet…should I get it :bigsmile:

Sanyo Eneloop 1500 Battery Pack 12 x AAA Batteries

CAD$25.99 including S&H, Valid for orders placed 06/17/13 to 06/30/13.

Sanyo Eneloop 1500 Battery Pack 16 x AA Batteries

CAD$39.99 including S&H, Valid for orders placed 06/17/13 to 06/30/13.

$14.99 w/Code: MLCKD19UNL1

Im not sure if this includes international shipping and I think the -$10 coupon is good only for today. Although its listed as 2 x 18650, a reviewer noted that it comes with pvc spacers, so it can probably accept 2 x 26650’s. I have the same light with single cell battery tube. Beam profile is similar to a C8 with a larger hotspot. Heat sinking is good with descent build quality. I hope this is the same.


I purchased 5 of these to and they did arrive and do work - shipping an extra $ 1.48 US to Australia


was cheap holders for charger modules

Looks like an Ultrafire ZB-006 for AUD 4.37 which is cheapest i’ve seen it. There’s not much in the description though and it doesn’t specify which type of LED it is. Hopefully its as good as the one sold at Fasttech.

It’s been discussed slightly in this thread as well as a few other ‘budget’ themed threads.

UltraFire C8 XM-L T6 $7,99 @banggood just today 23/06

Courtesy of MixoMaxo. Thread here: UltraFire C8 XM-L T6 $7,99 @banggood NOT just today

BTU Shocker at $99, Free shipping : Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com



Lustefire K-08, very similar to Convoy L2 in term of physical appearance and price too.


Another Lustefire 1A http://kaidomain.com/product/details.S022049.
I think I have seen similar light with skyray name.
this one quite similar to EA8 style.

Not. Sure if it has been mentioned, but have you noticed price on Panasonic 3400s it is a couple dollars less than last time I looked.