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You can get a SMALL SUN ZY-T08 Cree XM-L T6 for $19.92US (shipped). I think this is a pretty good price. There are deals on several more lights, but I didn’t really look into those.


SolarStorm SP03 Clone: FandyDire SP03, $77.90 at DX, shipped.


Its back again! Now only $9.99 w/Code: MLCKD26ZNL1

EDIT: didn’t see ChibiM’s similar post above.

E05 is now down to $8.90

This was deal enough for me to order one. $10.99 for an L2M. What I like about it is the shorty mode option, being able to run it from 1x16340/18350, or 1x18650 (even 2x16340/18350 with the right drop-in).

Discussion thread:


$75 triple Nichia 219 drop in!!!

Jetbeam RRT-01 with infinite variable ring on Wallbuys after standard coupon WSSDDGAA 51.27
Niteeye Eye10 is virtually the same 47.04 after the coupon

Lowest for RRT-01 on Fasttech was higher than this price if I remember correctly

Discussion here https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/7437
Eye10 is with XML-U2 but specs say max 260 lumens for some reason while RRT-01 is XML-T6 and max output is 500 lumens

Update: what I got is an upgraded RRT-01 version with XML2 and max output of 600 lumens!

SolarStorm SP03 3*Cree XM-L2 U2 for $77.54 at FastTech


Blackshadow Terminator at Kaidomain for $103.36

I have been asked to delete this deal, another member told me it was a sh*tty deal, kinda disapointing I have bought them for my brothers

I know there's "no discussion"-rule, but..

That's not a good deal. (Q5 lights can be got much cheaper and the cell is totally crap)


XM-L and XPG emitters at cnqualitygoods, most for $3-$3.50 with star.

XML U2 1A for $3

XML U3 1B for $3.5

XML T6 3C for $3.5

discussion; https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/19968

Maglight D-cell flashlight brackets, 2 pk @$2.96 w/ free shipping. Very limited quantities, though.


SIPIK SK68-3W Cree XR-E Q5 120 LM LED White Zoom Flashlight w/ Clip - Red (1xAA)
5 bux.

Banggood.com has a few good deals.

Klarus P2A 2xAA for $25.99 about $23 after coupon

Klarus P1A 1xAA for $24.99 about $22 after coupon

discussion here please

10% coupon is BLF..

I think this is pretty good deal: “Brass CREE XP-G2 3B NW 1x18650 EDC Flashlight” for $29 (free shipping)

LED Lenser P7 Flashlight and H5 Headlamp Bundle
$29.99. Shipping is $5?

I don’t know if it’s a good deal yet, but this $2.99 18650 XP-E light on eBay might be OK. I ordered one yesterday, marked shipped within hours.
Discussion here: 1x18650 XP-E Flashlight for $2.99; Deal?

Fire-Foxes FF4 HID Flashlight in stock