Don't forget the coupon: -10% with code WBQYMONSTER

FF4 also at $208, doingoutdoor (no coupon code necessary, in stock, ready for delivery, more than 50 pcs. sold)


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TMART discount code: 520USERS gets $5 off a $20 purchase. Expires July 26.

I love the looks of this UltraFire L-Q5ZZ and it is only $8.80.

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Dear Valued Customers,

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Huh? Where's that from?

In case anyone was looking for something to buy with that coupon at lightmalls, I bought this C8 host a while back from them http://www.lightmalls.com/silver-coloro-ultrafire-c8-case-body

Very nice, better build quality than my other 2 C8’s, and nicer than my UF-V3. I really really like it. Brass pill, 17mm driver, 20mm star.

Sorry I put it in the title it’s Lightmalls.

TMart has the SiPiK SK98 for $7.64 (HK warehouse) for two days only.
Apparently has an XM-L T6.

Discussion: SIPIK SK98 at Tmart (U.S. warehouse) - $8.05

This seems really cheap. 3 x xm-l bike light (no batt pack) for $10.80.

Edit: Wow…price jumped up…to over $38! Must have bee a pricing error. Glad I ordered one…shoulda ordered 20 :wink:

Not any more. That was a good deal.

PROS:fast pwm, paste, O-rings, not ringy, small hotspot, GITD tailcap

only unprotected 18650 fit
resistor next mode trick elimination doable
currents around 1A on high

SL3 for $45 at fancyflashlights.com
turboBB review here
and Foy review here
I am very tempted…

Tried it.

Coupon code "13t5cou5" is not valid.

$36.60 SRK clone

Code: TAKE4U
Expires Aug 8th

Sunwayman S10A 33.99 USD at Doing Outdoor.

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Maglite Clearance Sale at Wal-Mart.com Buy online and pick up in store or ship to home for free with a $45 order. $10 each for 2D Maglites, $10 each for 3C Maglites, $13 each for 3D Maglites and there are others on clearance. Just go to walmart.com and type in maglite in the search box.

Bought two of these from eBay.
Adding a voltmeter to a charger,

Jacob A60