Bike light with 3x XM-L2, charger and batteries. $19.23 seems like a great price…course batteries are probably garbage.

2 x NCR 18650B for $14.99.

Grey Solarforce L2 Host Limited - USD 9,99


Eneloop packs at Costco for $23.99

I’m not sure if this has been posted, but we were just at our local Costco (Northern VA) and they had Eneloop packs on sale for $23.99.

10 x AA, 4 x AAA, and a BQ-CC17 charger.

SKU 906576

Batteries made in Japan, Charger made in China.

Meritline (Int’l - HK) has a C8 for $8.99 w/free shipping - code MLCG01LN


CAVEAT: I tried the code in their checkout, and it seems to be applying, but I’m not sure if it’s Blue or Green.

Item Title say:

But, the description says:

Nitecore EC21 $37.99

Too bad it’s for US only.


Login to see price. 35% off

Must add to cart to see discounted price.

Just a reminder. The discount comes from the highest price item in the cart…and the promotion may have expired already.

Liitokala Lii-260 for $19 on the fleabay. Seller dropped the price from $21. I was able to buy two from shooting him an offer for $15.50/ea when it was still $21. Should be able to get two for a little lower now that the price is a little lower.

Review by HKJ here.

Pretty good deal on the Nightcore P36. PM me for info.
Here’s a thread on it.

Those Olight Javelot “deals” arent deals at all. Cheaper here: ENDED- Olight M2X-UT CASE & ACCESSORIES ***Factory Dedome*** Extension Tubes CODES SENT

Also comes with nice case and accessories instead of normal cardboard box

Item and questions can be discussed in that thread but figured id help save you all some more money

Minimal design and very functional light, I ordered one since its more expensive on eBay.

Brinyte HEX60 $21.72 - 26% OFF

Good Day,
For U$84.99 (for approx next ?? days):

AceBeam K40M Cree MT-G2 Q0 3000lm 5000k LED Flashlight:


Btw, that is a special newsletter link to get the deal, otherwise the current price seems to be a CRAZY U$129.30

Note that these seem to ship in a cardboard box, see their pictures.

Best Regards,


Hey guys,
One of Amazon’s lightning deals is for AAA Ni-MH batteries. On sale 12 batteries for $9.99. These lightning deals do not last for long.

I have some of the AA versions of this battery and they are pretty solid. However, I’m not sure as to the quality of these now because these are apparently NOT the rewrapped Eneloops like some other Amazon basic batteries, but instead are made in China. When I bought them a year ago I thought Amazon was discontinuing the product and clearing stock…. but they are still on sale now.

Anyway I can’t guarantee these are great quality but for anyone willing to take the risk that these are old stock, less than a $1 for a AAA ni-mh is pretty unbeatable.

Saw some cheapie 18650’s on DX for sale.
I guess they are okay if you want to do some DIY projects with it.
Cheaper than ebay sources I’ve checked. And the reviews on DX seem not bad.

SuperFire 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Green $4.68 24% OFF

I ordered it as a gift set for my Father In Law.Comes with 4 X Cr123.


Storacell/Powerpax Battery Caddy discount.

25% off and free shipping until December 20th
Use promotion code: SANTA

I have the 12-pack AA caddies and they are very durable and handy. I just ordered AAA 12-packs, 18650 4-packs, and slimline AA caddies and a pouch to carry with my camera. Best price I’ve found for Storacell caddies!



$3,4 for an XML Headlamp… Maybe will finish as usual with Aliexpress but worth a try.

As expected today i received the mail from the supplier.
“I am sincerely sorry to trouble u,there are some problem with our systerm.the listing price was wrong,
could you please help me to cancel it ?also,could you please help me to choose the cancel reason to these following: such as:purchase the wrong item or the other reason,since if you choose the reason for seller’s mistake,if we agree,we will be punishment by aliexpress ,thanks for your kind help.dear”

What should i do? PM suggestion to avoid discussion on a “no discussion” thread