Some decent prices on Arrow for XHP70.2's:




Also various XHP35.2's

XHP35.2's appear to be back up to normal prices.

Discussion thread:


Samsung 30Q for $3.99 at 18650 Battery Store. Reasonable shipping in US.

Skilhunt DS10 single CR123 edc $12.90 ea
Perfect to leave in car.


Our classic, one of the best throwers for it's size, the B158 in GREEN or RED for $27 here:


This flashlight cost me $ 3.5. TG06S https://imgur.com/gallery/mYcp284 After replacing the driver, a great little light.
US $2.13 | Мини-фонарик профессиональный EDC Тактический свет с стробоскопом компактный TG06S питание от 14500 батареи фонарик
cheaper here US $2.55 26%СКИДКА | Мини-фонарик Professional EDC Тактический свет с стробоскопом компактный TG06S работает на 14500 батареи фонарик
Обсуждение Flashlight TG06S 3,5$

Banggood is offering the Astrolux FT03 SST40 for $29.00 and the Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2 for $33.99 plus shipping from their China warehouse until July 19. These prices are similar to the best discount codes that have been available. I have the SST40 and use it almost daily.

SST40 notes: This deal has expired
This light draws 8-9A, so a high-capacity 26650 or 21700 is recommended. A high-output 18650 will work as well, but with reduced runtime.
Whereas the original pre-order offered a 5000K Neutral option, the light now offers either 6500K Cool or 5700K Neutral.

XHP50.2 notes: This deal has expired
This light can likely draw more than 12A, so a high-output 21700 may be preferable. Thermal step-down will occur rapidly due to low mass of light, so a high-output 26650 may provide less max lumens, but longer turbo runs and extended total runtime.
Choice is either 5700K Neutral or 6000-6500K Cool.

Freeme’s Stainless Steel bezel group buy is HERE.
Freeme’s FT03 Holster (hopefully upcoming) group buy is HERE.
M4D M4X deal on Astrolux Silicone Diffuser HERE

Required discussion thread HERE.

“Free” Olight I3E EOS (desert tan) - $5 shipping
Olight company sale, log in and order
Just ordered one, my favorite keychain light so far.

I3E sale

Discussion Link

^ it helps to add that this Olight deal is for US-based members, because there are those admittedly rare BLF members that are not from the US and it saves them clicking links that are useless for them.

Yes. Same opinion here

teacher please first read what is going on before cluttering this thread with re-posting of the rules. I had a request about the use of this thread and not about the deal, the only place that I can post such a thing is right in this thread.

djozz, I know exactly what is “going on” and I personally think it is ridiculous. This was/is not just for the USA & clicking on it takes but a few seconds.
The guy posted a good deal… end of story. No sense in you shaming him if he did not list the countries it was good for.

Blackube AA Rechargeable Batteries Lithium 1500mAh AA Battery with Micro-USB - 1.5Hours Charging 1.5V/2250mWh 4Pack

Blackube via Amazon offers its Blackube AA Micro USB Rechargeable 1500mAh Li-ion Battery 4-Pack for $28.97. Coupon code “594ZC96Z” cuts that to $11.88 with free shipping.


djozz was inaccurate in saying that it’s USA-only but he was about this deal having significant global limitations. It would be useful to post a clarification. Re-posting the rules was not one and only much later led to things getting clarified - thus contributing to this thread being cluttered.

And…re-posting the rules is against the rules too.

/\ …. :person_facepalming:

Guys, how about you share a hint on how to choose country diffrent than US? That’s my only option on roll out list when placing address info… :rage:

This is only US and Canada. For Canada just go to Olight’s Canadian site.
Poland is not included in the deal.

All right, many thanks. I was hoping to be different on Olight World page, but not.

Maybe we should just start a North American Only Deal Notification Thread.

That way no one outside of North America need be bothered wasting a click & time.

Just a thought….

Each region of countries could do the same… so as not to “bother” those in countries not included with having to click.

If in fact this “bother” of having to click a link is as big a problem as has been portrayed that is.

Personally, I do not see that it is; but ymmv.

Doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just my heart… Breaking… :cry: