You seem to be the only one “bothered” and sparked all this clutter by “teaching” the rest of us. Not cool in my humble opinion. Probably meant well. So was Djozz his post by clarifying the deal.

Now lets quit the discussion and start posting deals only again.

You appear to be “bothered” yourself Dutcheeee…. just adding balderdash & clutter along with the rest of it. You don’t need to make excuses for djozz either.

Not attempting to “teach” amyone anything. It anyone is to lazy or busy to click on a link to find out if it applies to them…… to bad for them I say.

Over & OUT….

Edit: I totally agree with what you said here…. “Now lets quit the discussion and start posting deals only again.”

Zanflare F2 for $8.01 for both CW and NW. You can use GB points to further reduce price! :sunglasses:
Of course with all the funky shipping rules I have no idea what shipping cost per country is.

Shop: https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_613215.html?wid=1214279
Zanflare F2 review/discussion: [REVIEW] Zanflare F2 (XP-G2, 2xAA) (Pictures, Output, Beamshots, etc.)
General BLF deal discussion: The BLF Deal Alert DISCUSSION Thread

I have the F2S, and although it has strobe in main mode sequence, I think this light is absolutely awesome for this price.

copper tool w 219b for $20
link deleted, site is a scam

Thrunite TiXmas for $20

WARNING, the TiXmas now has Next Mode Memory, I dont know if the pencil mod could work

In the cart the actual choices of shipping Thrunite are in a menu limited to US, Canada and Japan.

Code “20%” took an additional $3.99 off for me which offset the shipping charge for me.

are both neutral and cw same lumens? info doesnt seem to change when you select one

Reminding others what the rules are is not against the rules.

Clearly, some people need reminding.

@jon_slider in the next post:

I don't think anyone is listening, though I do agree.

Before posting in this thread

Please ONLY post deals here.

Please do NOT discuss or ask questions about these deals.

US$ 12.99 - FLASH DEAL

Xiaomi Mijia Stainless Steel Thermal Cup Large Capacity Portable Insulation Bottle Water Cup,500ML

Illumn has 5 left of the Sunwayman D40A XM-L2 Neutral White. Nice 4xAA light. $35


The original ..... BLF Q8 for $40 (Same price as offered thru the Group Buy)


And yes ...> re-posting the rules is against the rules too.

If for some odd reason you feel the need to chastise people in this thread

Just ADD a link to a good deal ...

and you won't be breakin the rules.

Please ONLY post DEALS here.

Do NOT discuss or ask questions about deals in this thread.


Astrolux MF04S for $142.13 from ARILUX on AliExpress until 8/31

I missed the Group buy so I bought this.

Store discount of $8 off $150 purchase. Click on Discounts and Coupons in the listing for additional $3 off $55.
Yes they stack. Total $11 discount. $5.67 additional Cashback from EPN if you have that.
Free shipping to USA. Lighting Market store has them for $167.02 –11.00

US $153.13 33%OFF | Astrolux MF04S XHP70.2 6000LM Flashlights 8Modes Professional Floodlight Flashlight Torch Portable

The also have the MF04 for $162.47 -$11.00

What: Convoy S2+ SST-20 4000K 95CRI, SMO reflector, 7135x3/4/6/8 driver with Biscotti
Where: Banggood (China warehouse)
Price: 9.99USD (9.84USD on Android mobile app)
Link: Gray Convoy S2+ SST20 7135*8 7135*6 18650 LED Flashlight - Banggood
Other info: Flash deal with 4d 9h left on the clock. Processing times at this moment: 7135x4 24h, 7135x3/6 1-3d and 7135x8 15d.

That link shows $17.99 for me.

Change to shipping from China and it goes to $9.99

Sofirn’s Ebay store has the SF11 for $18.89. A bit cheaper than their Ali store. Very nice AA light.


Amazon.ca has Sofirn Q8 for $51.99CAD plus a $5 coupon can be applied.
I think that might be the cheapest any Q8 has ever been sold for.

Which store ? And where do I get the coupon ?