NO LONGER EXISTS**BLF A6 + 30Q battery $11.90 USD

EDIT* seems like this was an error and banggood has corrected it but not before I purchased 20pcs lol

Banggood’s Flash Sale ends in 8 Hours

This is for the 5A tint only for the CN warehouse.

Sold out on desktop site but use Mobile App to buy.

Insane special

Thank you.

It is a good deal with the 30Q. I was ready to buy one but then remembered that I have 2 that I don’t even use :frowning:

Wow, that’s quite a deal to get! I wonder if Banggood is going to honour purchases at that price?
I can’t help but feel they’re going to backpedal and say that the item is backordered indefinitely…

There is coupon now for $13.96 for 5A version


My 20pcs at $11.90 were shipped today!! Pretty certain that price was an error

Mine shipped yesterday.

Mine arrived today, 18 September.

Wow, i was surprised they shipped my one I grabbed for $13, I can not believe they shipped you 20 @ $11.90!! For once I must say; way to go Banggood!

So, what does one do with 20 BLF A6’s? Hook them up in parallel to be a 4WD vehicle light bar?

Sell them for 13.97$?

Is the current price gonna drop lower. Thinking of getting a few if it hits lower. :frowning:

wonder how legit the cells are

Tested the Samsung 30Q’s just now to a confirmed legit one at 10A and it’s genuine.

Great light to gift away to family and friends i think, good light for cheap money to introduce people to flashlight world maybe…

I’ll be selling them on an online marketplace in New Zealand. $36 NZD is my usual price. If I deduct the 30Q $5 then the light only cost $14 compared to $25 normal price. Couldn’t resist such a good deal

You would have been crazy not to buy them up like popcorn ...Nice grab ....

no why on earth would u be selling them for profit ?

Because capatalism?

I have my own online store selling many flashlights, chargers and batteries.

Why wouldn’t I make a few $$$ on a steal