No Upgraded HD2010?

I dug out my old Tangsfire HD2010 that I had upgraded with an XML2 NW years ago and took it on a walk last night. It got me wondering if anyone has upgraded any of these with some of the newer XPL or HXP emitters?
Lots of new C8s being offered but no HD2010s. Wheres the love ? :heart_eyes:

Not exactly the same, but these are mighty close:

Maybe it is replaced by all kinds of new 26650 lights for example manker U21. From today’s standard of a good budget light, HD2010 is not of high quality.

With all due respect, that is a broad statement concerning quality of HD2010’s.
It’s like saying all C8’s are not made well. Some are well made and some others not so much.
Same can be said of the HD2010. There were good and bad batches made.
Yes, the Ultrafire’s and copies were all over the place in quality, same as C8’s, however some of the Tangsfire’s were pretty darn good and the early Ultrafires were built well and had high amp drivers right out of the box.
East092 drivers and their variants came to the forefront because of the HD2010.

It was one of the first 26650 flashlights with that size head and really did/does throw well.
It’s all good.


No. They are dreadful quality. All of the six I’ve owned died. They are pretty much mod material only.

What died on them?

They came from the factory flickering or the driver would smell burnt, or they’d mysteriously just quit working after light use over the course of a month or so.

Just junk cheap crap, like most budget bangers.

Sorry to hear that. Were they branded Ultrafire or ?
I have 5 and one overheats the LED because of the aluminum board, but the other 4 run like champs.
Some reflectors look better than others as do most of my other flashlights that I own in quantity.


All were Ultrash^ts, yes.

I have two Tangsfires withe the East 92 driver that still are very useful lights. No on board charging but simple and reliable. At least mine are.


Mine still works fine, its not stock though. I cracked the front lens on a careless drop but other than that its been fine since the early days of the Foy review.

I used to exotic dance under the name “The Budget Banger”.

The HD20210 was a heck of a light for $20 to $30 bucks. Have 8 or 10 and all still work, various brands, most have East 92 drivers.

Ok… on the count of THREE …
Everyone with a UF hd2010
shine it towards Austin Texas

that’s some budget light blasphemy right there

Exactly and I purchased mine for about $16 from Tmart. I miss the days when I would be surprised at what you can get for less than $20. I guess the new C8’s with XPL-HI’s in them pretty much replaced the HD 2010’s as budget throwers and 26650 batteries aren’t as easy to come by as 18650. Kaidomain has some lights that sorta fit the same purpose. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded one lately with some of the newer emitters.

I never had a HD2010. The convoy L2 and the similar light from KD are sort of the same form factor and reflector size, though beefier and more expensive.

The mitko-discovered budget thrower uses the same exact reflector as the HD2010 (I think). People have put all the latest throw-oriented LEDs in that. Expect around 240-250 Kcd with a dedomed XPL V6.

There is still something like the HD2010, the Mitko-thrower. Like the HD2010 it is very cheap, has a great reflector and modding it is not straightforward (but very doable, see the thread), but it can be made into a great thrower for very little money.

Maybe this will help?

Good find, but kinda pricey for a unknown.