No way! Kershaw assisted-opener direct from China.

So, if you know me, you know that I'm a huge fan of Kershaw assisted-openers.

Living in the United States, I can get them relatively cheaply on eBay or Amazon.

What I thought was strange is that you couldn't get them directly from China, even though some very nice models are made in China.

And what did I see today?

The stainless steel Kershaw Zing on eBay, but from China!

That means that just about anyone around the world could get this knife for a decent price.

Now, I don't own a Zing, so I can't personally recommend it, but I really hope this becomes a trend.

Here's the eBay auction, from a very reliable seller of SanRenMu (and other quality Chinese) knives:

Here's what I believe to be practically the same knife on Amazon:

Right now, they're about the same price, but I don't think Amazon will ship worldwide...

Here's the Zing on Kershaw's website:

If you know of other Kershaw knives that are available directly from China, share a link in this thread. :love:

Nice. Always been a fan of flippers.

I got Zing from China. Had a couple of tiny scratches as stated in the listing. Shipped in generic Kershaw red box. Way too big for this knife. Auction usually ends at 7-8 USD + shipping: Kershaw 1730SS Stainless Steel Zing Pocketknife - Silver for sale online | eBay

Massdrop also has listing for Zing at the moment. 16,99 USD + shipping.

Looking through this guy’s ebay store, there are a lot of nice knives…. but it’s always ruined when I see the clip. #TipUp4Life

I stumbled upon a few on Aliexpress too:

Kershaw 1920 Select Fire
Kershaw 1920 Select Fire blue
Kershaw 3180
Kershaw 203
Kershaw 1830 Oso Sweet
Kershaw 1830RD Oso Sweet red
Kershaw 1830 Oso Sweet black
Kershaw 1830 Oso Sweet black stonewashed
Kershaw 1655BLK Vapor III
Kershaw 3840 FreeFall
Kershaw 1730 Zing SS
Kershaw 8200 Funxion
Kershaw 8100 Funxion black
Kershaw 3420 Nerve
Kershaw 3850 Swerve
Kershaw Volt II

Thanks for the links, everyone!

And keep 'em comin'. :)

I have a Freefall, and that's definitely a good one. 8)

That tanto style blade looks quite useable so I’m afraid sooner or later it’ll end up in my collection. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a Kershaw Crown….

Where were they made before… or are they clones?

The Kershaw knives in this thread are models that have always been made in China.

As far as I know, they are not clones. :crown:

EDIT: However, I do not recognize the Kershaw 203...

it may be fake, back in years ago i got a spyderco tenacious clone from aliexpress for only $17 USD (as you know its made in china even for the original ones) looks just like a real one when first got it, but after sometime of uses the lock-up fails, screws are too short to reach the pills, overall quality of the inner construction are totally bullshit comparing with a real one, the blade feels like 420/3cr13 upon my inspection and it doesnt take an edge after resharpening like original 8cr steel, also not to mention it came with some weird paper work unlike the original. Assuming they might do the same on kershaws.

you cant imagine whats china up to these days, i already ordered some of these kershaws last week, hopefully they are original, otherwise another perfect clone like the spyderco tenacious i had.

If you define clone as not able to pass warranty department scrutiny at KAI, then this is a clone. The Kershaw forum was littered with moans about poor quality knives and Kershaw stated that they were clones.

Not to say that you shouldn’t buy a clone. My production experience tells me that you may get a great knife (or not). I have seen more than a few cloned knives, phones a d watches. I have never seen a clone that was better than the original. The question is was the difference between them worth the extra cost.

Based on my experience these folders seem to be OEM versions (most of the cases they are sold without the proper box).

I bought quite a few OEM Kershaw, CRKT, BM (China made) models through Aliexpress without a problem (same quality as the official boxed versions). There was only one case when the folder was not as described (the quality was good, but it arrived with a different handle scale material) and I got a refund.

If you live outside of the US you may find the price of these OEM versions quite reasonable because of the free international shipping (which otherwise would cost you an arm and a leg).