Noctigon meteor and Narsil

OK, the D4 and the Q8 have spoiled me! I love Narsil.

I hope I’m asking the right questions, but you’ll catch my drift I think.

I also like the Meteor but it lacks Narsil and it sits there forlorn and despondent now. Is the chip in the Meteor capable of holding Narsil? I’d love to have Narsil in it so that it wouldn’t feel so left out.

If so, is there someone who would flash the chip for me?


From what I’ve read it’s not possible.

(Surely someone must have done this a long time ago if it were possible…)

The output regulation is done partly with software if I understand it correctly. Narsil doesn’t have this so the light wouldn’t work anymore.

You’re right, been discussed and investigated by TK.
Going to be hard to put ramping on noPWM drivers from how it appears.
Soon after the Meteor was born, TK said the driver could run risk of self destructing if you messed with the code.


Honestly… this just makes the M43 dang sexy.

For recent comments between Hank Wang and TK on the subject….

TK and Hank W.

Followed by interesting remarks on Wireless Optical Programming, the Meteor, the Boss, Lux/RC…

I now have ToyKeeper’s Andúril running on eight lights… including a Meteor. :partying_face:

I used a 20 mm TA driver from Lexel, four triple MCPCBs from Mountain Electronics, and twelve 219BT-V1 SW40-D200-L2-R9080 emitters from Clemence’s shop.

I piggybacked the TA driver onto the depopulated stock driver.

Reflowing twelve rare Nichias was a bit nerve-racking. :smiley:

The wiring resembles a two-toned octopus, but it doesn’t interfere with the optics.

I’d like to swap in a properly-sized driver at some point, but this works for now!

How much space is there for the TA driver?

I like this idea, well done :+1:


There’s a circular recess in the center of the head to allow for the large rectangular component on the center of the stock driver.

It allows the 20mm TA driver to fit, but the TA needs to be kept flat and close to the empty stock driver.

Here’s a photo from this thread on Taschenlampen Forum.

The above TLF link has lots more Meteor disassembly photos.

I should mention that I got the piggybacked driver idea from DBCustom! :+1:

You could have taken a 46mm TA driver, the advantage is that they are 2 filtering caps added to protect the AMCs from voltage spikes the FETs can produce in high amp lights, just 3 days ago I got the first driver with blown out AMCs for repair

also the Driver is taking the temperature of the MCU for thermal protection, so piggyback with poor heat path makes it more laggy to recognize temp changes

Here is a full week of work on TA drivers

Drivers ordered on 10x10cm boards without cutouts
black with white silk
with normal gold plating, Oshpark uses hard gold plating which is quite expensive

The only downside is I have to cut them out on my own as this manufactory only supports cuts in a line

How would someone like me with only a moderate amount of modding experience go about doing this? I’ve been wanted to mod my meteor for a while (especially, like you said, because of the UI).