Noctigon Triple XP-G2 mounting, Convoy Sx hosts?

This is starting to look really cool. I’m not terribly sure why, but it does. Likely it’s the allure of besting my modded T620 (1100Lm est OTF) in output while being able to hide it almost anywhere. And the MCPCB and special optics are both 20mm which makes the Convoy/Roche tube hosts an ideal starting point, at least in theory.

I’m wondering how people mount these things and in what lights/hosts they put them in. So far I only found a custom mounting into a Solarforce L2M and shall we say my ability to do even rude machining is limited. Ideally I’m looking at a Roche F12 host (tacticool tan…mmm :love: ) but the pics on Fasttech show a narrowing inside the head that may disallow this emitter set.

Here is the cheapest f12 host I could find you. And it comes with a u2 emitter

…Um, thanks…but not what I was asking about in my OP…

You had said the f12 looked interesting.

In the last sentence, as it applied to the installation of one of these . I already know where to get a real Roche host. I’m asking how people have mounted these things.

How much is an authentic roche f12 host?

Sand paper and elbow grease

I do not use any epoxy between the 3XP and pill, just paste thermal compound. Otherwise when you screw in the pill and the TIR meets the lens, that last little bit of tightening will either scratch the front of the TIR or bend/bind/break the three little locating pins. Let the board spin on top of the pill while tightening and all will be fine, it only rotates about 1/8 turn so it won't twist the wires. :)