Non-budget light sale

These are Lambda prototypes and aren't very budget lights at all. My brightest light is a Lambda special which was worth all (a lot) I paid for it. Lambda does good work. If you rake through his section of FNF you'll see beamshots and details of all these.;topicseen#new

But my bank account just ran away screaming!

You know they say that "Money Talks".

All mine has ever said is "Goodbye" :(

Thank you Don. If you didnt post, I would have missed out. I just picked up the Hydra.

That should be a real monster - and the driver is well capable of pushing it hard as AFAIK it is the Varapower driver that I know can do 13A. Hope to see some beamshots when it arrives. That ought to be in the 2500-2800 lumen range.

Enjoy what sounds like a wonderful light!

Thanks Don,

Ive been reading about Lambda lights for a while now and got quite jealous when I read about your amazing V2K. I think you could probably burn a hole through the side of a barn with that thing. After deciding that I couldnt build one as well as a Lambda with 3 x XM-L's, the choice was a simple one. Besides, its a one-off... unless he decides to produce more.

Again, thank you, thank you for the heads up!

Don, this damn Hydra thing is just stupid-bright with 3 XML's... not really any other way to describe it! Its everything the beam shots show in Lambdas pics. As I'm sure you know, the quality is absolute top notch. I've only been able to play around with it using AA eneloops with C converter tubes. All I can say is, "thank god it has a dimmer." Its actually to bright outdoors at close to medium ranges on high (I never thought Id say that about any LED flashlight). I don't have C cells just yet, but I'm going to adapt one of my maha c9000 AA chargers to take care of the charging duties for C and D cell nimh. I'm also going to buy a 1 x D mag battery extender tube so it can also be converted to handle 3 x D cells, rather than only 3 x C cells.

How is your 90 powered? Let me know if you need a good source for the extension tubes. They are also available to extend the body for 2 additional D cells as well.

Thanks again to you that I now have this ridiculously bright light. The only down side is that all my other lights suddenly seem very boring in comparison. I'm sure its only a matter of time before the bug bites again though. Cheers!

I thought the upper limit on charging for the C9000 was 4Ah - the Tenergy C's I use in mine (4C in 3D) are 5Ah. Check with Lambda if it can take the heat from the longer runtime D cells - the Varapower will overheat itself if I were to use 4 Ds, the full runtime of the Cs is the upper limit on max. When I don't need crazy power, I run it on 3Ds for dog spotting duties. That way I need to charge the cells less often.

Reading through CPF threads, my understanding is that the C9000 will charge at 2A max per channel, and up to 20,000 mAh per channel. Tenergy C's are rated at 5000 mAh while the D's are rated at 10,000 mAh. Amazon has a good package deal to buy 4D & 4C. Its probably not quite double the run time from C to D cells, but I bet its pretty close to it. I dont intend to use the D's on one continuous burn. More like several 10 min shots at max and then continuous at 50%. The heat sinking is incredible, and the XMLs dont heat the host nearly as quickly or as hot as I thought they would. It chews through 3 x AA eneloops in about 10 minutes on max (possibly not giving max amperage... not sure), and I've quickly swapped out 4 consecutive sets to see if it would become to hot to hold comfortably. It sounds like you might gain some run time with an additional D cell... something to think about for intermittent use.

Be careful you dont blind your dog or burn a hole in her with that light cannon!

Seems you were right Don. The sustained voltage/amps from D cells is quite a bit more than the same configuration using C cells. Oh well... I'll just buy more C cells.

Hey guys, I was wondering what kind of light output I can expect from the 2DXML. He states 30,000 lux but I am unfamiliar with lux.


30K is very bright, but there’s a bit more to it than than in determining how bright a light will be once its in your hands. Check the wiki for Lux and how light is measured at the target. Also read "Lux versus Lumen". A good way to compare output, tint and beam pattern is by examining Lambda's beam shots. You can also google "varapower" and find a ton of positive reviews and comments. Here's a good recent thread at CPF. Hope that helps.