Noob needs help... What flashlight to buy for high speed rollerblading?

Hi all,

This is my first topic and first of all: sorry for mistakes in my English, I’m from the Netherlands :wink:

I’ve been roller-blading all summer and I want to continue in the winter as well, which means that I’ll have to get a good flashlight.
I’m going to mount the flashlight on my helmet, so I would appreciate it not to be heavy :slight_smile:
When rollerblading I want to see at least about 15 meters (50 feet) road in front of me clear, and 75 meters (250 feet) road ‘half-dark’ (I want to be able to see curves and obstacles in the road at that distance.).
I would appreciate the battery to last at least 1.5 hour, and I don’t mind switching batteries. And I bet other road users would appreciate my flashlight not to be blinding :stuck_out_tongue:

My overall budget is around 40 US dollar for a charger, battery and flashlight.

What do you guys think about this for example:

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

The Convoy m2 is a good choice, it should serve you well! I would check out the new version , it should be better than the first generation that you linked to. Also, I am a bit confused, you said you don’t mind switching batteries, and you want a 1.5 hour runtime. Does that mean each battery needs to last 1.5 hours, or do you want a 1.5 hour total runtime, possibly with several batteries?
And welcome to BLF!

Okay, thanks.
Sorry for confusing :wink: I want a 1.5 hour total runtime and I don’t want to switch batteries more than once in that 1.5 hours :wink:
Maybe a smaller light (with a smaller battery) might be smarter? That would probably be less heavy.

What batteries would you recommend and where to buy them? The Aliexpress ones seem to be a bit fake :stuck_out_tongue:

The Crelant CH10 headlamp at AliExpress is only $25xx. It has a dimmable output that’s easy to set by holding the power button and will remember that setting. With an NCR18650B 3400mAh cell from Panasonic you should easily be able to use it the length of time you’re asking for. A single bay charger can be found on the cheap as well, so you should be able to do this right at your budget limit.

This will allow hands free skating and the light will shine where you’re looking. :wink:

You would want to make it mostly flood (wide beam) instead of throw (narrow far beam). Throwy beam on your helmet can be really disorientating with the constant head movement.

My crelant ch10 is my favorite headlamp


There is something I do not understand, this headlamp say have a circuit that delivers 2A and XML2 but only 460 lumens :~
Something is not right here…

I put our CH10 in my lightbox and got 372 from an NCR18650PF at 4.02V.

I tried a rested Samsung 25R and got 1.5A from it and 421 lumens, so the 2A must be a maximum from 2 CR123 cells. The tint is a on the warm side of neutral white, so it’s probably a T5 4A or something in that territory, which would explain the lower output and color. I can’t find any information from Crelant on which specific XM-L2 emitter they’re using. Shining a UV light on it, it’s bright red-orange which would indicate in the 3500-4000K territory.

For me, that seems like great planning, as it’s probably not the best idea to put a max output emitter in a headlamp where heat could/would be a problem. I know it works really well and my wife loves it. This one is hers. I use a Nitecore HC90 with a slider for output control to help me when modding.

Emitter lumens at 1.5A should be in the 500-600 range, so to see 400+ actual out the front lumens is fairly decent in such a small reflector/lens assembly.

I think you should have a look at the eagle eye f30. I don’t have one but would be keen to buy one. It is small. Takes 1x18650. Good mode options. looks to have a good floody beam. In your price range. And they are proven to be good quality products. You could easily ductape it to your helmet and change batteries without taking off the tape. You would only have to buy 1x18650 and a charger. I’m sure you could find them all in your budget here are some links to some products. Ps I used to do inline speed skating for newzealand. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the data, your values ​​are much closer to reality :wink:

Those $7 headlight jobbies w/ 2 18650’s in parallel offer a substantial run time (even with laptop pulls), and good throw with enough spill for useability

Not sure if they still offer them though

The Crelant is MUCH better quality for sure…

Okay thanks guys. The Crelant sounds like a good choice indeed. Where did you buy your batteries? Amazon or Ebay or? I dont want a battery to explode on my head :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure you buy a good quality charger any of the nitecore chargers are good