Noob question - body + dropin all I need?

Since is fairly cheap considering it has the extension tube (which seems to be abpout $7 or so well I haven't researched that well but definitely haven't seen it under $3), it occured to me it'll likely be cheaper to get one of those plus the DX XP-G R5 5 mode drop in seperately ($10.82+$14.16=$24.98 i.e. about $2.60 for the extension) rather then DX Ultrafire L2 XP-G R5 + extension tube ($22.35 + whatever for extension tube).

But one thing I'm still uncertain of is whether that's all I need (bar batteries of course :-P). At first I thought it didn't have a lens but then looking more closely it does. And the dropin comes with the reflector. So there's nothing else I need right?

Mind you I'm still on the fence with the extension anyway. The additional management issues it creates have always been a concern (plus the likely reduced efficiency of the driver at higher voltages), exploding flashlight report hasn't exactly helped :-P

Yes its the whole body, all you need is a dropin like the one that you plan on getting and your straight, install the batt and your ready to go whitewall hunting.

Two 18650's is going to give you plenty of runtime just make sure that you check the voltage range of the dropin.....

Thanks for that.

Yeah the improved runtime and should be fairly consistent brightness (as the driver remains in regulation voltage) are a major plus with 2x18650. Of course the consistent brightness is also the downside. I can bring a spare battery but it'll be nice not having to stop to change battery when I'm cycling if I ever cycle that long. Of course I just realised I missed the LT coupon but oh well... (wasn't really paying much attention to LT/PB before because they didn't have much that I was interested in plus what they did have like the Skyray R5 seemed quite a bit more then DX, I noticed the bodies but didn't seem likely to be cheaper at first until I belatedly noticed the one with the extension tube)

Well with mine i get about I got over an hour of runtime, but then of course im running R2's in mine. Might get a little less because of the emitter being brighter, but it should work for you just fine. I would pack an extra cell anyway just in case you get a flat, just be prepared for the worse. Is the dropin a single or multimode.

Multimode (I prefer to have the option of different brightness)

Cool, you might want to do a runtime test before you venture out at night......this will give you a good indication on what to expect.