Noob Question-where can I buy...

Hi. Does anyone know where, or from whom I could buy some (already) de-domed XPG-2 mcpcb’s
on Noctigons?
Also, some de-domed XML-2’s ?
I would really like to get me some of these.
Anyone here on BLF willing to sell me a couple?


Or just get petrol / gasoline and do it yourself :wink:

Gee, that was quick. Thanks AlexGT.
Are there any others offering de-domed emitters as well?

I believe RMM (MtnElectronics) will dedome them for you already on noctigons, there really isnt a lot of options tho… No one with free intl shipping.

Considering your location just buy from I.O. and DIY, its easier than tying your shoe (yes serious), just place the entire MCPCB mounted emitter in some gas (pertol) or thinner, wait 2 hours, done.

Thanks, Cereal_killer . I might just try that myself. I’ve actually tied a few shoelaces in my time :bigsmile:

Instead of xm-l2's get the xp-l's that are currently on special. Dedomed, they don't loose lumens like the xm-l2 and they are higher binned. I don't know about thinner, but gasoline is a pretty fool proof way to diy.