Noob Question

I received the DBS V3 Flashlight (reflector) yesterday and also an aspheric head to be able to switch back and forth. The light worked great out of the package but when I swapped the pill to the aspheric head I could not get power. I later learned that it was b/c I didn't use the spring provided for the aspheric head. While troubleshooting, I put the pill back in the reflector head and it powered up fine but then the tiny lens covering the LED just fell off. Looking at the small lens (not sure what this is called) it has a rough appearance from where it separated from the emitter. Dereelight says it should still work fine this way. I'm looking for any suggestions on using the bare emitter or how that happened? There was no physical damage and I was running 2 cr123 surefire cells in the correct orientation. Thx.


Is it possible for you to take a picture.

from what it sounds, the led got dedomed. ive never had this happen. so i have no experience in it.

is it the lens protecting the emitter?

some people actually dedome their Led for more lux/throw

I can't take pictures unfortunately but that's exactly what happened somehow. The emitter still works but the small dome lens that covered it came loose. Is it safe to use this way. It causes some chromatic abberation with the aspheric lens but I'll see tonite how the beam outside looks.

i was bored/curious and dedomed my xml... is more flood do less light and the tint is not regular, bluish where phosphors are gone with the dome, white/greeny where some phosphor were

don't do that at home! xD expecially on xml that have big size and will sux

JEJ, yeah its that small lens protecting the emitter that came loose. It's basically a little lens with a ring of metal for a base...

It’s safe but personally I’d send it (just the pill) back and ask for another since this is a new light and you just paid quite a bit for the whole package.
It shouldn’t come off that easily. If you dropped it or think you did something to cause this and you don’t want to send it back then use it the way it is if you still like the results.
Otherwise, I’d just order another pill. I think you should be able to send it back however since you just received this.

I've been testing it outside with the aspheric head and its an amazing light just like everyone has said. I just have some imperfections outside of the hotspot now that realistically don't hurt anything at a distance. My main concern was safety. I contacted the dealer more as a "How did this happen?" and their reply was hinting that I must have done something wrong so I'm not going to worry about it as long as ya'll say it's safe to use. I'll just order a backup pill for the other head so I'll have two complete ones. Thanks for the advice.

is 100% safe to use, but the led probably will die/deteriorate faster without the protection