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Hello everybody, I am new here and have a few questions. I live in the USA and would like to purchase some flashlights and accessories and also do some mods. Here are my questions.

#1. What companies have the best quality flashlights and offer original genuine parts?

#2. Is it better to buy Li-ion batteries here in the USA, or should I consider ordering elsewhere? I do want good quality batteries!
Would also need a good charger for the batteries!

#3. I want to purchase genuine Cree emitters, where should I purchase them?

Thanks in advanced!




1. Convoy has great quality, easily moddable flashlights. Good in stock form and very fair prices.
2. You don’t need to buy Liion from USA as long as you stick with cells that are known to be good. You can save a few bucks buying from China. Xtar has pretty solid and simple battery chargers, fairly expensive though.
3. Mtn has good Cree emitters.

Check around for the various Coupon Code threads to save some cash.

MTN electronics and intl-outdoor are my go-to stores.

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Sorry for the repeat of info but links provided.

The original Convoy store is in China. Link below
Shenzhen Convoy Electronics Co., Ltd.
Simon, the owner, offers a discount for members here. Put the items you want in your cart, proceed to purchase without submitting a payment. You will get an order number. Send a message to Simon with the order number and that you are a member and would like a discount. At that point he can send you a Paypal invoice for the discounted payment.

There are FAKE Convoys out there, beware… Gearbest and Banggood sell genuine Convoy too.
Banggood ships batteries cheap and I have not received a fake one yet. Just be aware of the of the shipping issues with Li-Ion and you may not receive them. Make darn sure you use a tracked shipping method from BG so you can dispute if not received. I have not yet had a problem getting batteries from BG.

Mountain sells Genuine Convoy lights and Hosts to mod yourself.
Everything he sells is genuine for that matter, including emitters and batteries.
Welcome to Mountain Electronics LLC

Some complete convoy lights have the driver soldered in. Buying a host you will get a threaded driver retaining ring that works great for Fet driver mods. Nothing to De-solder, easy FET driver installs.

Gearbest has a sale going on right now on Samsung 30Q’s flat-tops shipped out of the Los Angeles warehouse. $18.89 Free shipping. Works out to $4.72 each. Or if you buy the 8 pack, it works out to $4.61 each.

Sales ends Nov. 9th

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The rest is said!

Very cool that GearBest got the battery shipping squared away. Last I looked it was $22 just for Battery shipping to USA for 8X 30Q.

Thanks guys, really appreciate the good information! I do have another question though! Has any of you guys purchased any products from Kaidomain or FastTech? I see that Kaidomain has some reflectors and other things I am interested in purchasing. I guess for batteries I could go with GearBest as shipping would be much better than ordering overseas for these Li-Ion batteries!


Hi, thanks for that info! I am looking for protected cells. I see they have these 18650’s, but are a little more so not so bad!

Thanks! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thanks, much appreciated!

Welcome! I always point people to my noob question when I started especially post #12 here . Also make sure you understand the dangers of lithium ion batteries and multi-battery lights.

Hi, and thanks for the welcome. I do understand a little about the Li-Ion batteries. That is why I want to stick with protected cells! I was looking on GearBest and see they have a few different 26650 brand names like AWT, Heter, TangsFire, LiitoKala, etc. Perhaps these would be the best choice for running in series:

I am curious to know why some websites show the Convoy S2+ as having 996 lumens:
But when I go to the original Convoy store in China, it shows >350 lumens:

Can someone tell me which is correct?




I “accidentally” ordered a 4pk of 30Qs, and got raped on the shipping. Didn’t notice they were charging me as much for the shipping as it cost for the cells!

Adding insult to injury, I haven’t even gotten them yet. Got an email from them asking me if I got them, I follow the supplied tracking number which says the package was delivered(?!?), and yet nothing.

Going to have to follow up on this mess.

And maybe order a set with the free shipping, just to make sure I get something

Anyway, lesson to be learned, check shipping charges before ordering!!

Enough from FT that I could open up a mini-FT here at home…

Often painfully slow from ordering to receiving, but pretty reliable.

G'Day BoxCarWillie,

There are different versions with different outputs, namely with 3x7135, 4x7135, 6x7135, & 8x7135 chips in the driver. The higher the number of the 7135 chips => higher output:

7135*3 output current 1050mA
7135*4 output current 1400mA
7135*6 output current 2100mA
7135*8 output current 2800mA
the bigger current ,the brighter and hotter flashlight

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My own personal preference is 6×7135, as it’s in a nice “sweet spot” of brightness vs current. Going to 8×7135, you get only ~12% more light for 33% more current. Light output starts falling off more rapidly beyond that.

And with the 6, you can keep it on high indefinitely without cooking the LED, or your hand.

Welcome to BLF Willie :wink: Convoy and Mtn will treat you very well! Top quality products and services, especially RMM :beer:

Send me some money and I’ll send you the right stuff :slight_smile:

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