Noob with Maglite D3

I just found a Maglite in my storeroom. Serial number is D3013249761. I assume it’s a 3 x D cell. Still has the mounting clips with it.
I reckon it’s been in storage since the early 90s.
What is the cheapest/biggest bang for buck way to bring it into the 21st century?

I’m currently using a Convoy C8, which I’m more than happy with, considering the price.
I’m prepared to spend a few dollars on the Maglite, but I’m equally prepared to put it in the bin and forget that I ever found it :slight_smile:

No! not the bin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it a black one or is it a gorgeous silver one?
It’s a great, timeless no BS design.
I’m looking for one, a silver one, to modernize / modify.
With 3x D-cell it’s perfect to drive a single power LED.

Others will be able to tell you more, because the Mag 3D is a loved model that has been modified by many.


You can do a Malkoff drop-in and all you’ll have to do is cut the reflector to get it to fit…

This is the easiest and likely cheapest way to go for serious, dependable output.

fourty bucks…?? :Sp

The old incan Mags were great in that they were well built and reliable but the march of time has made them obsolete.
I installed a low cost Dorcy led bulb in the Mags my senior aged relatives own and they are happy with them.

If your up for more of a project you can use one of these.* .

I built 3 of them when I first started modding, now I’m waiting on another set to get here to build up an old 2D I found at my moms to go with the 2AA w/ Nichia 219 I gave her for Mother’s Day.

Thanks for the replies.

The Malkoff drop in looks great, but I can’t justify the expense.
Especially since it won’t be a torch that gets much use.
I’ll probably just end up putting the Maglite under my car seat to use as a Whacking Stick.

Dorcy LED is the winner.

Same here with the simple led bulb replacement. I have an old mine safe flashlight that now puts out around 30 lumens with an okay beam. I keep it around because it has been 6 months since I put batteries in it, and it is still going strong, and it is fluorescent orange. I am currently looking for a well used maglite to do the same with.

What is the cheapest/biggest bang for buck way to bring it into the 21st century?

Make sure you pick the right voltage for the LED

Just unscrew the bulb color, pop out the incandescent, pop in the led, tighten down the collar…blamo

Not the ultra brightest…but it works…and runs a VERY long time!

Check these out:

Very cheap and can be bought on ebay. They won't be power monsters, but they make an old Mag a very useful torch for very little cost. And they still throw well even compared to high output C8's.

Some pics:

Done this, works pretty well.

Not going to be a flame thrower, or turn it into the Malkoff light sabre, but nice upgrade. Especially if you mix some glow powder epoxy and put it around the top part of the led. Makes it unique and easy to find if you have it exposed to sunlight.

I have tested all the cheap and easy Led upgrades for mags, In the end, Malkoff is worth it for ease of use and outcome. Not budget, but works killer.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the showerhead mod. I think it’s also called the fusion mod. Not sure if you can go any cheaper. I doubt its anywhere near 900 lumens.

Kaidomain had a dropin at one point. But seems like they’ve been sold out for years. I always wanted to get my hands on one.

Wait what?

XPG-R5 ($21.80 AUD delivered from UK)
Dorcy LED ($21.45!!! AUD delivered from Dorcy Pacific in QLD Australia)

I think we have a new winner.