'North Pond Hermit'

could you imagine?

I would seriously lose my mind!

I can’t imagine him adjusting to his new life in prison very well.

" The North Pond Hermit "

Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins

makes you wonder how many more people are living like this in the maine woods
id like to do it for a little while, month tops… but 27 years??? crazy.

Living in the woods is exotic though. 8) I think it’s a nice place to retire. As long as there are no predators lurking around.

Heard about this earlier today. Usually I don’t say this about criminals but I want this guy to write a book.

Since he’s been solitary since 1986, I wonder if he knows about white LEDs yet, LOL. Or even what a Mag Solitaire is.

Edit: that’s Maine for ya—a special blend of civilization/culture and sheer wilderness.

He was using a own light to navigate…lol

Unless they put him in the hole :smiley:

27 years of burglaries ?

This guy WAS the predator.

This guy must have a cool story to tell. I want to hear about him and his life and how he survived! A book or movie or documentary. That is pretty crazy stuff!

he smelled a little gamey.

I take a week and get lost in the woods each year. That’s long enough for me to clear my head. I just pack a ruck and go. Seven days alone is nice, no cars no people nothing to do but take it easy and see what’s around the next bend or on the other side of the next hill.

I wouldn’t want to take a year though, I tried it for a couple weeks once and even that was too long. I felt odd coming back in, a little too disconnected, edgy feeling if that makes sense.