Nostalgic Eagletacs, a Nitecore, a Solarforce. Pref UK sale.

WITHDRAWN. I’m not sure how to mark the thread as Sold etc.

I have dug up a few oldies. All are used, thought the Nitecore EX10 PD is brand new.

None of these have boxes, I just couldn’t keep everything during a couple of moves and having to use long term storage. All are in working order, tested today.

Ti Eagletac D25A, apparently with a Nichia 219C emitter, though there is a post here by Jon_Slider to suggest otherwise. I dunno. Light has been splash anodised. £20

Ti Eagletac D25C Nichia 219C emitter, also anodised. £25

Eagletac M3C4, added a new head to this with an upgraded emitter. I’m not sure what it was but tracking back through emails and I see the letters UL mentioned by Eagletac. I’m not sure, but it’s no slouch when it comes to a thrower. Rotary switch on it, I got rid of the tail clicky. £25

Nitecore EX10 piston drive. Recently acquired from flood damaged stock so box was discarded. To all intents, unused and probably the only brand new one about. £25

And, and old Solarforce L2 and an extension tube. No idea of the drop-in, just a 3 mode, nothing special. No idea of worth, £20?

Prices include Paypal and UK postage. Job lot at £100 would work best for me.

Let me know if I’m way off on prices or info and I’ll be as helpful as I can.

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Jumped the gun… will PM you in a bit.

yolo ti d25a

Man, that Eagtac M3c4 is so amazing, wishing I was in the UK.

Would you be willing to sell to people in another country? (Portugal, in this case)

Hi. I’m hoping for a job lot sale UK ideally. I’ve got a lot on, clearing the house in a hurry to move and have some interest from a Uk member. I’ll come back to you if it falls through.



Hey, thanks for your consideration :wink:
Good luck with the moving and with the sale and in case it fails, please let me know!!

Cheers and thank you :beer:

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Same as above. And I hope that on your side all goes well.
But IF the pending sale fails I would like an opportunity to buy an oldie but goldie light I should have bought years ago.
To be sent to The Netherlands (where the Dutch people live).

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Seems I am late, but if the pending sale does not go through and you are willing to ship to spain, I’d take the three little ones!

If available, I’m interested in the M3C4, that rotary mechanism looks really cool.

I don’t know which is which, but I’d be interested in the one next the nitecore on the right (goldy coloured one). I’ll take that one.

Apologies to anyone who’s taken an interest in these lights. I am in a PM situation with a member to ideally take the lot as one. However, due to recent bereavement I’m totally forgetful and have stuff for sale in loads of places that I’m not keeping on top of. I’m not expecting or requiring your sympathies guys, but I just lost my wife to a short and brutal cancer and keeping things simple is what I’m doing, while also providing a donation for the hospice whose “angels” made her as comfortable as possible.

I’ll mark as Sold for now, maybe come back to it in a while.

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Very sorry to hear about your wife. Must be a terrible blow.
Hope you manage to stay afloat in a turmoil of events, things to take care of, and emotions.
And please take proper care of yourself.

@RichH , sorry for the sad news and I wish you strength to keep it up !!!

As Henk4U2 said, take care and be strong!!

Kind regards and my condolences!

Rich I have PM’d you bascially what Henk and MrB said above, so sorry for your loss.
Since I’m in the UK , perhaps we could all club together and help Rich out with this donation to the hospice if the other party doesn’t come through, kinda been a while now alrerady so (dunno if they wanted ‘all’ of them?)… I don’t mind posting the others out to a few people I actually know and can trust so long as postage etc is paid - that would be Henk and MrB. (not saying I don’t trust anyone else, I just don’t know them)
But, Henk, MrB which ones did you guys want? I don’t think you said? I only really want the shorter gold eagletac - but if that’s the one you both want then it won’t work lol!
Just an idea really, but let me know.

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Would work for me. I’m only looking for the Nitecore. Not for its blistering performance, nor trying to improve that. Just to prevent such an iconic light from getting lost because of its modest performance.

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Leave it with me, I’ll see if my guy wants them. He knows the situation so hasn’t pressed me on anything.

I’ve also discovered another Solarforce, a DQG Fairy in brass with trits, and a FW1A with a dedomed Samsung in it.

So as not to open any sort of auction, or encourage charity fundraising I’ll wait on Marc.

Thank you for the understanding, kind thoughts, condolences, and offer of help with the sale.

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Sorry to hear of your loss, RichH. Take care of yourself at this difficult time.

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Keep it up @RichH !!

As for the sale, and all things considered, I am withdrawing my interest in the lights!

Not because of your current situation or because of the lights (the Eagtac D25C would be my wanted light, BTW), but because I have some other modding projects I want to do and I will bet on them. Also, whoever buys them, will surely cherish and use them well :blush:

However, in the case some sort of funds are needed, for you, for hospice or whatever, PM me and we will talk about it, even without lights involved :wink:

Stay strong! :+1:

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