Not a budget light

4Sevens Preon Kit

But i like it a lot. For the same money I could get nearly 200 of the squeeze light Photon clones. There's a review of mine here.

In the single AA configuration on low it should do 24 hours. Fizz was seeking attention so I tried to get her to model with it in her mouth. Apparently Preon 2s don't pass the taste test for Giant Schnauzers. So we tried the collar clip test so she could see where she's been. The background was a real mess so I Photoshopped some more of the hall carpet over it. It really isn't that dirty but the background contained highly varied lighting and I'm not very good with Photoshop.

The light is on medium by the way.

Not that it helps one's Photoshop skills when a 100+lb (48kg today) dog is trying to climb into your lap. I think she wants something.

Dang my wife would love one of those.......shes always playing with my lights. lol.

I like it a lot - it was the only light I used on holiday recently. About 6 others in the bag didn't get used at all. With the twisty tsilcap it clipped inside a pocket with no problems -I find clickies in pockets get turned on too easily and you only notice when you have a rather hot leg. I might even buy it a pair of Energizer lithium cells when the issued Duracells die. Generall, I reckon the lithium primaries to be too expensive for what they offer - I use NiMH in everything that can't take lithium rechargeables (This one says max voltage 3V) - but I might be tempted for this light. In single AAA twisty format it is only an inch longer than an AAA though the slightly fatter Tank007 isn't far off the same length.

It does make for a nice small handy light......but for me i dont keep my lights in my pockets....they either have a clip and the ones that dont get holstered.