Not so budget Olight SR90 @Manafont

Just saw this monster light @manafont this morning.

Yeah it's not a small light is it :P

"Powered by 7.2V 6.6A 6 x 18650 batteries(included)"

Well at least for that price you get batteries included :P

At that price I'll have to take up saving or bank robbery.

Can't see one of those in my future any time soon.

Nor in mine either but I have wanted this light for a long time. Less so now that I see how to possibly get that kind of performance cheaper.


I think I paid (Before our import taxes and so on) about half that for a Varapower 2000.

The new ones have considerably greater output than mine (Like about 500 lumens more) and insane throw if you dedome the LED. Total output will drop but throw will roughly double.

Does it get as hot as they say? Yours is the SST-50 I'm assuming. I'm hoping to get an SST-50/90 powered light soon and I'm reluctant to try it in a P60. Maybe the Solarforce SST-50 is under-driven like most of their others so, might be okay . . . sorry, thinking on the keybaord again.


I have the SST-90, measured at 1550 lumens at switch on, down to 1100 at 2 minutes last time I tested it. The new ones should sag a lot less.

The heat is not that bad for its 20 minute runtime on full power. Lambda recommends not running it on full power for longer than that anyway.

The new ones ought to be better as the LED is directly soldered to a hefty chunk of copper. The exterior may get hotter, but the LED and driver will not get as hot.

I reckon an SST-50 LED in a P60 is a pretty poor idea - you'll get as much light from an XM-L at 60% of the current.

That's what I thought. Probably run for 30 minutes or less. Those big throwers just amaze me.


On the lowest four (of 32) levels I can comfortably look into the LED if I'm running it on 3 Ds instead of 4 Cs. Output is quite a bit down on 3 Ds but it'll run for ever.

Come to think of it, I've never actually measured the output on 3 Ds. Time to do so.

Outputs for the Varapower

Light Battery
Varapower prototype 4C NiMH
Varapower prototype 3D NiMH

With 3 Ds it is pulling 1.6-1-8A so should be good for nudging 600 lumens for four hours. With 4 5000mAh Cs it is pulling around 15A - cheap NiMH Cs aren't worth considering for this guy.

You're gonna need extra insurance for that monster flashlight.

When you go that high-dollar, there are a number of HID throwers that are like laser cannons.

And having 6x18650 would make me nervous to hold that thing especially when it started getting hot.

I wouldn't mind holding it.


Maybe we can all chip in and do a time share.

I'll hold for the first 20 mins then hand it over

Till the first time I hold this monster in my hands, I was thinking about buliding something similar, but cheaper. Using this components, and with a lot of lathe work, I think I can build a similar performing flashlight for less than $200.

"Timeshare" (laughing) Probably the only way I'll get my hands on an Olight SR90.


maybe Foybezels Inc. and MatchMods Inc. can add some things to it to make it better.

Prices of our Chinese friends are going higher...

You can buy this SR90 at GoingGear for 449.99 - 10% discount (CPF coupon) = 404.1 USD (excl shipping)

It's no more that cheap in HK