Not so thrilled with my new Boruit Headlamp

Bought this off ebay……
Boruit Headlamp

And a few things….
The center light is probably 6000k and 300-350 lumens
The two smaller side lights are about 4500k and 250-300 lumens with a somewhat greenish tint
Having a hard time believing these are XM-L T6 LED

Compared to my elfland headlamps (which are 6000k and about 900 lumen), the Boruit is weak by comparison.

I’m a bit disappointed. Here’s what the seller had to say about it……(obviously it’s not 12000 lumen, not even in the same galaxy)
Surprisingly, the Boruit 18650 batteries both revealed about 1300mAh capacity. That was a surprise as I expected about 400mAh

12000LM XM-L 3X T6 LED Headlight Torch HeadLamp Flashlight Lights + 2 X 18650 Battery / Wall Charger / Car charger
2017 upgraded 3 X T6 BORUiT LED Chips
HIGH POWER 12000 Lumen Headlamp

So, is this just another wonderful upstanding ebay seller full of it or are Boruit headlamps just this sucky ?

I have the same headlamp, received as a Christmas gift, and am actually quite happy with it. Yes, the emitters are all LB fakes, but they work rather well as far as fakes go. The central emitter is a CW, and like yours, the outboard emitters are an off-tint, but aren’t excessively obnoxious. I’m happy with the throw from the main emitter and its smaller die size but I wish the other emitters were floodier. The TIR optics from FT look like they will fit, but I haven’t tried swapping those out yet. Other than that, I’m happy enough to keep the light as-is.

The other problem is the driver modes, and no real low. I have a smaller AA headlamp for up close stuff, but this one is nothing but HIGH. Then you have to cycle through the pointless strobe modes to shut the light off.

I hope you safely disposed of the boruit batteries as per your ultrafire batteries.

Personally I’d avoid anything with lattice bright emitters as it is heading down the too cheap and nasty path. If the manufacturer is going to cut corners on the LED, they’ll cut corners elsewhere too. You pay for what you get!

Plenty of good headlamps from the likes of Skilhunt, Nitecore, and Zebralight.

I got the sub $10 RJ 02 from gearbest amd sure its not great but its a ok backup and kinda funny with the IR on/off switch.
Its listed as 300 lumen and thats probably true.

Its even cheaper now i see.

But those 6000-12000lumen triple lights i would never buy.
Its so fake it makes me puke.

Imagen what a real 12k lumen headlight would be, would melt your forhead in 5 seconds.

I also own and am happy with the RJ-02, but I’ve never bought the RJ-3000 style you bought. I’m curious - the “item specifics” section of the listing you linked to clearly says the Country/Region of Manufacture is the United States. I highly doubt anything in the package you received was made in the USA. Personally I’d file an ebay case asking for a refund.

I have both boruit, RJ-3000 battery are very poor quality, very high internal resistance one more than 108 according to liitokalla 500, very low charge layer and so but not known that chemistry.

They’re now US 3,50 including shipping ROFLOL

That’s just a USB cable. The light is still $13. That’s an example of my most recent eBay annoyance: posting a loosely, or even unrelated .99 part with a more expensive item to get the low-price item listed first when stored.

I got this one, Same Same, different Name…
OUTERDO LED Headlamp Headlight Hard Hat Light Running Camping Cycling Fishing Hunting Climbing Torch with 4 mode Adjustable Zoomable Waterproof Flashlight (Rechargeable Battery+Charger+Car Charger)

It was $8.50 Shipped with Prime on a coupon code. Cells were discharge tested and came to 2000ish mAh.
For the price I can’t Complain. Swapped emitters to get the Blue out and I am still under $12.

It looks mean with the three heads.

I’m checking the Boruit RJ-02 from Gearbest, and also looking at the same (well, I suppose they’re the same) product from the Boruit official store in AliExpress. In the Boruit official store, it looks the same, but the item description for the RJ-02 (in AE, it doesn’t say “RJ-02” model number for that item):

So, this same headlamp in the AE official Boruit store lists as 1000 lumens, but in Gearbest (I think GB may have correct it) lists as 300 lumens:

Also, the AE store lists as “Cold white” (tint?), whereas in GB, it says “5500K” (neutral white) color temperature.
I wonder which one is the more correct specs… I would think that both are referring to the exact same item (minus quality-control variations).

Now that seller is saying the 2018 model has 15,000 lumens. :person_facepalming:

I bought a couple of the Boruit RJ02 headlamps from Gearbest. Not the best headlamp but perfect for leaving in my toolbox or garage.

There was a time where I was concerned about “Chinese knockoffs”. Now,it seems as if the knockoffs are being knocked off too!

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