Not very fortunate flashlight brands topic

I thought i've seen all...

Please add the most bizarre names you can find.

I still think Smiling Shark is pretty stupid. There's got to be something lost in translation there.

This light came up on that link.
I have a light on order with that brand name but it has a Cree emitter. What would be in something like this and would it be good at all?

finds "Farka" brand lights make me smirk.

Sunwayman???? I'd love to have one, but what a stupid name.

They were better off with Sunway LED, but I still think that their products speak for themselves.


I have a different Lanshi AAA torch and while body of it is extremely nice quality, the emitter is just a 5mm LED on a plastic pill. My money says this one is the same.

Don't be caught holding a "Fandyfire".

I can hear the marketing slogan from the Fandy Corp now…

"When shopping for your next torch, a FandyFire makes a dandy fire!"

YEZL has to be a bit of a worry.

I'm wondering (as it's always in caps) whether it's an acronym?