Novatac beacon, 5 minute timer, and blinkies

Im playing with various programming options on these Novatacs.
Locator Beacon, Auto Shut off timer, Bicycle flasher, SOS, and Tactical strobe…

they are just options, they can be disabled…

These lights are on a 5 minute timer, which flashes 5 times before turning off. Then the enabled dim locator beacon starts:


Here we see left to right, Bicycle Flasher, SOS, and Tactical Strobe:


I like storing a Strobe or Bicycle flasher on Preset D, Triple Click, with Memory ON. This enables me to alert traffic when I am a pedestrian crossing the street. I like memory ON, as it lets me prepare to use a blinkie in advance of crossing the street, all I have to do is switch on and off as needed.

I also like memory ON, so I can set the light to a lowest mode for late night bathroom runs, so I can click on at the lowest mode if desired. During the day, I like being able to memorize a brighter level, 10 or 30 lumens, to come on first. imo Memory is a very useful and flexible feature. It basically turns the light into a multi specialty configuration… for nightlight, or for daytime EDC, or for Urban street crossing…

Im really enjoying learning about the programmable UI features of the Novatacs.
More fun than a barrel of Monkeys!:slight_smile:

“Honey, is that a Flashing light in your Pocker, or are you just happy to see me?”


The programming options are in this Novatac Manual

here is my programming cheat sheet:

Jon you keep this up I might end up edcing my last one.

I hope you enjoy it!

I want to find one with serial numbers :slight_smile:
I missed one of the 2x series the other day, and regret being too slow…

Its a fun UI
I want it in High CRI :slight_smile:

shameless shopper:
btw, Im interested in finding a pocket clip if anyone has one to spare…

I think these triples are cool too, and he kept the stock UI

Hi Jon, yes I kept the stock driver/UI because I think it’s the best that fits my need.

More good info Jon :+1:

@ lumenzilla, do you find the stock driver quite adequate with the triple setup?

Hi lumenzilla, Im inspired by your triples, thanks for sharing them.

what is the reasoning for putting the clip on the head the way you have it? Is it for clipping under a belt or inside a waistband… wouldnt the light be more secure with the clip under the tailcap? (or under the bezel, which also allows use on a hat?)

for my entertainment, I made some youtube videos of the individual blinky options on my Novatac…

this one is very dim, Locator Flash, on constantly when light is switched off
facing the camera:

facing away from camera:

full brightness, Bike Flasher
facing the camera:

facing away from camera:

also full brightness, Strobe
facing the camera:

facing away from camera:

I like to set a blinkie to preset D, with memory On… other times I put the lowest mode on that Preset

I got intermittent blinkies when using normal 16340.
But the blinkies gone when I use IMR/high drain 16340.

I found it’s easier to replace the battery when using this clip position compared to under tailcap.
And yes, it’s also suitable for inside waistband carry.

I tried to relocate the clip under the bezel but the flashlight is sometimes not working, I don’t know what went wrong.