Novatacs w Nichia 519a and 219b LEDs

Novatacs w Nichia LEDs


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Novatac Spa w 519a 4500K (middle light above)
Changed to Flush Button, so it tailstands
Unlocked w 250 clic, reprogrammed from 120T to 120P modes.

0.02 min
270 max… (was 90 lumens stock)

I wish I can get more affordable Novatac nowadays.


about 7 of them were sold thru ebay in the last couple of weeks… keep an eye out there

How intensive is the led swap?

> How intensive

not difficult, once you get the driver retaining ring out, the pill drops free… no need to remove the bezel, nor the reflector

some modding pics here

the hardest part is grinding down an MCPCB to fit the small opening in the pill.

Getting that batwing shape starting from a round PCB is the devil. But the final results makes it all worth while :slight_smile:

very clean work!

what LED did you go with?

some pics of the two different types of Novatac drivers, small hole (the ones w black bezel), and larger hole (the ones w anodised bezel).

Novatac and Anduril shared UI features

1. can set floor and ceiling, with shortcuts for direct access
2. can ramp up and down
3. Strobe, Beacon
4. Last Mode Memory, or choice of any startup output.

Nichia 219B V1 D220 SW35K, 93 CRI, R9080 from Azhu’s first batch, shoulda gotten more. The most delicious color/tint ever, it was almost incan like. :heart_eyes:

As a bonus I also put in Anduril2 using a spare original FW3A driver :wink:

Definitely have to do this.
Where is the best source for the 519a? I see fastech has them on a16mm pcb.


Impressed I am :+1:

both… Fastech is reselling a Convoy item

Hank has also announced he will be building lights w 519a… so he will also be a source

there will be later offerings that are 3step instead of 5step bins, and in additional CCTs…

I chose not to wait and am very happy with my Convoy sourced 519a 4500k

Actually I only swapped drivers because I’d messed up the original while tweaking my lit tailcap end mod.

Novatac mod to 519a 3000k

outputs, with same battery:

519a 3000k is 32% brighter than 219b 3000k


the lineup:

Sorry, it's old, but that 4500k dedomed is astounding. Nice work on these!

Thanks! the dedomed sm453 IS very nice

related to 519a dedomes…

Ive seen reports of VERY Pink sm573 dedomes, like –0.0080, even –0.0100. My experience with one sm573 dedome, is a duv of –0.0042.

anyone else that has a dedomed sm573, and an Opple or other meter, Please share your DUV info. Please no Bare LED data, Im only interested in the DUV in a working light, with its Lens installed.

Here is what mine looks like. Shot at 4400k WB. I may be of 100 or 200k on the WB.

Same light shot at 4200k.