NOW CLOSED; My 1000 post Giveaway; win one of three Sipik SK68s

_the_ can't start a tradition unless the next person to get to a 1000 posts does a giveaway too, so, _the_, this one's for you, buddy!

I've just order another three pack of colored Sipik SK68s from Meritline, y'all know the ones. Anyway, all three are going to go to three differernt winners, drawn at random from three different groups; i.e. one light each. Group one will be comprised of users with 1-99 posts . Group two will be users with posts counts from 100-499. The last group will be users who have posted more than 500 times. All post counts are as of the day you enter this giveaway.

Clearly, the groups are not of equal size, my intent is to encourage the newer folks to participate more. Plus, I imagine that most of the other two groups already have a 68 if they wanted one so a second one isn't such a big deal. I hope this is still fun for you more jaded types. I guess we will see how it plays out.

The giveaway is open to everyone, including those who normally sit these contests out for one reason or another (sb and kreisler, I'm talking to you both). The honor system still applies, so you "shadow account" folks can only enter once.

This is open to all members who are members before the time stamp on the OP. I will ship worldwide, although I reserve the right to PayPal gift the cash equivalent to a winner who's location makes the shipping costs truly outrageous.

Also, in order the thank the people who initially welcomed me to this forum, and to encourage the rest of you to be welcoming in the future (by no means do I mean to imply that this isn't a very welcoming and friendly place; y'all are great!), the following people get a second chance in the giveaway... jacktheclipper, Match, ChicagoX, Langcjl, gen1.3_, ezarc, Chidwack, _the_, kreisler, edc, veer, JohnnyMac, BetweenRides, and, last, but not least, fishinfool... asumming, of course, that any of you guys even want in on this in the first place. If any of you 14 post that you are in I will count you twice regardless of your wishes on the matter.

Speaking of entering, all any of you have to do to enter is to post your current post count in this thread. I'll reorganize the the contestants into your new groups from which a random member will be picked. Once each group has a winner, I'll randomly pick the order of the three winners so that they may then choose their color preference.

The giveaway will be open for as long as it takes Meritline to get the lights to me. It took a little over two weeks the last time I ordered from them, so... I will post when they arrive and that will be the end of that.

Good luck to everyone, especially those I've annoyed in the past! Bygones all around! It has been my pleasure to hang out here with y'all and I've truly enjoyed every minute of it. We've had some fun, haven't we? Here is to hoping that my next 1000 posts are slightly more helpful then the last 1000.


Official group, contest number, username, and post count at time of entry.

Group I: 1-99 posts

1) mags;9
2) SAKplumber;1
3) Tower;1
4) Suncoaster;73
5) Gerald_Clark;35
6) nofeark9;10
7) kjk200;31
8) chilipepr;8
9) C-channel;88
10) mertinator;;36
11) Prometheus;23
12) TriggerHappy;35
13) Xiotis;3
14) jal;2
15) grismoduck1978;16
16) pod7381;74
17) cloudhand;6
18) reez;4
19) Jalben;65
20) JaffoAz;79
21) kapok;1
22) sesgum;38
23) bumpyroads;2
24) mantula;6
25) Robert Barr;45
26) level;33
27) svegs;21
28) Henke;6
29) newuser01;10
30) JustFit;74
31) Dimlock;50
32) tatasal;48
33) lyonn;43
34) p0708;34
35) aL1;93
36) Petry83;9
37) jlh454;44
38) shhh;96
39) Jerrycobra;5
40) millerman;10
41) Mooshisho;30
42) ntg;27

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 42
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

WINNER… jlh454!

Group II: 100-499 posts

1) Temco;457
2) AlexGT;212
3) Ford Perfect;345
4) noodles;378
5) attitude;226
6) speedsix;495
7) sintro;206
8) adyscarborough;104
9) taz;375
10) Horst Horstman;152
11) Bort;142
12) ruffles; 276
13) CarpentryHero;200
14) oldienea;483
15) hank;249
16) soytnly;473
17) apt323;275
18) HBomb;107
19) Rufusbduck;230
20) Light_Of_Day;139
22) pretzy;216
23) anzycpethian;234
24) Manny;228
25) woody;295
26) Pavithra_UK;109

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 26
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

WINNER… ruffles!

Group III: 500 plus posts

1) jacktheclipper;1712
2) jacktheclipper
3) ChicagoX;2384
4) ChicagoX
5) Langcjl;1881
6) Langcjl
7) fran82;1714
8) kreisler;2400
9) kreisler
10) scheven_architect;736
11) edc;2741
12) edc
13) JohnnyMac;3853
14) JohnnyMac
15) raccooncity;1533
16) garrybunk;1160
17) BetweenRides;1961
18) BetweenRides
19) RustyJoe;549
20) Vertrex;2354
21) the;1043
22) the
23) GottaZoom;506
24) SashiX;1369
25) jamesearljonesisascab;951
26) Buwuve;593
27) weiser;1542
28) budynabuick;615
29) Match;1081
30) Match
31) scaru;1713
32) Foy;2444

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 32
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

WINNER… kreisler!

If anyone happens to notice any mistakes in this list, please let me know. Thanks.

And it seems the the number 8, followed by a right parentheses, will get you a “smilie”. Obviously, you three are still number 8 in your individual group.

Thanks for the giveaway , cone .

EDIT: My current post count is 1712

Thank you!

Current post count is only 9, but I wanna be like Cone! 8)

Your welcome, Jack. If you are in you need to post you current post count in this thread. Come on, set a good example for the rest of them! :slight_smile:

Thanks Cone!

your current post count

ok ok… 451 :wink:

Mags, trust me nobody wants that!

Tecmo… you’re killing me, thought I got a good laugh nonetheless.

attaboy Tecmo

:slight_smile: Cheers

Hi cone,

Thanks for the opportunity, and the kind words !!!

Post #2384

Me wants in, I have 212 posts, thank you for doing this! :slight_smile:

Well, this is my first, so please, be gentle.

Good to see the tradition grow!

Please count me in with post #344

(656 more to go….)

thanks cone!

Current post count 378

i am in :smiley: 226 its great people doing 1000th give away :stuck_out_tongue: imagine 2000th 3000th ? :slight_smile:

What a great tradition !

My flashlight post #73.

I’m in but I fear it will take a year for me to make it to 1000

Thanks for the giveaway; my current post count is 206.

I’m in. This should be post # 35.