Nyogel 760G longevity (shell life)

Hi guys, i came across on some good deals on Nyogel. But it seems that the tubes are old (unused) around ~ 10 years old.

Is it still 100% usable? shell life? degradation? thanks.

According to msds, quote shelf life of 4 years.

Yea, i read it, but does shell life means usable? or the point when it start to got bad, but its still perfectly fine to use?

Hi guys, sorry to bump this so soon, but i need to order in 1 hour or so :frowning:

Not sure. I say go for it. I’ve eaten 4 day old pizza when I was younger and I’m still here.

Don’t eat the nyogel.

lol good idea :smiley:

Honestly the stuff lasts forever… I know someone a while ago called Nye Lubricants about some old nyegel and asked about the shelf life. They said it will last for much longer than the quoted life in most cases.

Yea i guess so. I ordered it, thanks :slight_smile:

Curious what you got.

That’s the thread I was talking about. The OP called Nye about it.



I’ve had some for over 10 years and it’s still fine.

Zzzz it has been sold out since i posted it here, but i didn’t get it, the user was away and i needed to confirm something…

So anyone can be kind enough to sell me 2 or 1 tube? i know someone from here bought them, the seller told me someone bought 45 pieces, (shortly after i posted here) it must be someone from this forum…come one guys…. :_(

And this is why i love this forum, the buyer offered to send me 2 pieces for free, BLF rox!! :beer: