(Oct. 09th, Giveaway Winners Anouncement) GearBest Giveaway: Chinese National Holiday

Hi, Dear all

I have updated Deals from Sep 30th to Oct 5th, have your check from here: Gearbest Promotion Deals Full List on JUNE

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I will have 5 days off work and visit some places and have family together time.

But if you have any advice, welcome your comements, Dear.

If you have any tracking and package shipping problem, please turn to the service center: https://support.gearbest.com/

They will be online 24 hours:) Thank you a lot:)

Giveaway Rules: Please comment with the color of your National Flag.

No country name, no picture in your comments:) Others can guess where is she/he from :smiley:

More-in, more possibility to be selected by the random.org

5 winners will be selected, 20$ giftcard for each individual.

Our winners will be announced at Oct 9th 17:00 GMT+8.

Tips: The picture is for non-political purpose:)

Sorry, can not handle with the all problems in PM instantly these days,I will give you feedback when come back, asap:D

Thank you so much, do not hesitate to invite more in the GAW.

Bye bye, Dear all, do not forget me. Miss you all, see ya next Thursday.

Please help each other when other members have problems on our forum:P and Gearbest site.

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winners announcement

Dear all, the winner List:

20$ giftcard for our five BLF family members:

Las vegas Friend, Gea2427

Our Old Friend, ImA4Wheelr

Dear jamaya, from AUSTRALIA

Our New Menmber Truck, welcome!!!

Andybibbville, from Bibbville, Alabama


Tips: Please give me your Gearbest account register email before Next Friday (Oct.20th), we will send 20$ giftcard to your Gearbest account.

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more comments in the thread, more possibility to win :smiley:

First! :smiley:

Red, white, and blue. Guess!

White and blue!

Red and yellow

Red, White and Blue.

Red, white, and blue here too.

(Don't look at my location!)

Red, Blue, White

Enjoy your holidays!!!

Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue

Red and Yellow here :smiley:

red, white and blue

Blue, White, Red.

Enjoy your five days off.

Red,white and blue

white blue red

but my ancestry is a combination of:
red yellow black green

Enjoy your holiday!

Red, white, and blue.

Red, White and Blue.

Red, white, and blue

Red, White and Blue