October 16-17, 2017: eneloop101 is fixed again. Thanks for checking out!

October 16:

Does eneloop101 still work for you? All the sudden my sessions went down to 0 in my statistics after I upgraded my website to PHP7 today.

July 7th;

  1. just want to know if anybody bought some Red eneloops from Amazon or Walmart. People seem to be receiving different colors.
  2. Im really looking for some fake eneloops.. anybody has some?


After 3 months of hard work and research the website is about to be ready.

Feedback on my website:

I`d like to receive some feedback on my new website eneloop101.com.

  • How does the site load on your cellphone/tablet/desktop? (Im not an expert, but I walked into a few problems with Margins etc.
  • Is font size large enough?
  • Any mistakes?

Help me please:

Although I have been digging around so much and for so long, I still have a few things I couldn`t find.

So I`d like to ask you guys for some help if possible.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is a Picture of a graph that shows that the cycle life of eneloops is calculated to 60% of its capacity. So if after X amount of cycles the capacity has dropped to 60% they call it a day. I have seen this graph with explanation before but can`t find it anywhere. Found..

  • Also, I`d like to know if you would like some questions to be answered about eneloops. Possibly for the FAQ page.

  • Ideas about what pages/info you would like to see added in the future.
  • PDF Eneloop catalog 2013-2014

  • Self Discharge Tests, especially tests longer than 1 year
  • Anybody bought some Red Eneloops at Walmart or Costco? What product code does it have?


I opened a facebook page for some discussions and if you like it, please give me a Like on facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/eneloop101

Whether you want to discuss about eneloops, or just hang around and chat away, feel free to drop by!

G'Day ChibiM,

I posted on your Facebook page But can't see my post.

So do you vet each and every post?

Btw, it's looking good

Best Regards,


Thank you!!! Great job!

I have had my Enloop 4 X AAA HR-4UTBG Batteries for almost 4 years.

They still hold a great charge and work very well. :+1:

Just had a cursory look, but it looks nice. Good show…

Looks nice, thanks for your efforts!!

I posted this on your facebook page, but I will post it here also.

Greetings, I have been wondering about something and I suspect you may be able to answer my question. I have a small quantity of AA and AAA eneloops. I use a Panasonic BQ-CC17 charger. I would like to know if one can tell the remaining capacity of a cell based on measuring the open circuit voltage after the cell has rested for some time after the last use. The chart below was copied of CPF if I recall correctly. I believe the person who posted it claimed they measured the remaining capacity with a smart charger of some sort.
I have been using this as a guide for a few weeks now, and am just wondering how accurate it is.

Most of my usage is in flashlights, and a couple AAs in a radio. Most of my lights have some sort of low voltage cut off except my Fenix LD01, and I think my manker E01 on firefly also will continue to just light at sub 1V battery levels.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on this.

thanks, Matt

81%… 1.305
74%… 1.300
65%… 1.298
55%… 1.285
44%… 1.277
34%… 1.271
26%… 1.259
20%… 1.251
15%… 1.241
10%… 1.233
0%… 1.204

The website look amazing very informative! I will bookmark it :smiley:

I think reviews of the current Panasonic Eneloop lineup vs the older Eneloop would be good. Are they better or worse? Do they hold charge as long? etc

You clearly are a fan and very dedicated!
nice site, I hope lots of people will be saved the troubles of leaking alkalines!

Looks good!

Nice site! :smiley:

Hey there.. Yes I have seen your message. And replied to it! thanks for joining.

Well, they are definitely one of the best NiMH batteries out there!

|That is a very interesting thing to dive a little deeper into. |It might have some correlation. Ill hope to look into that in the near future with some of my batteries!

I hope it definitely will take away some questions....

and probably invites for a few new questions as well ;)

Yes, a lovely question. I want to know that as well. But to keep this answer short, it can be hard to tell, because the older types...are older.. so I dont know if that effects the batteries. but nevertheless something to look into.

Yes, I clearly am:) Sanyo/Panasonic/FDK/Twicell batteries have been the best NiMH batteries since 2005 ;)


Thank you!

Very informative website ChibiM! You certainly have put a lot of effort into it. I think it’s very intuitive to read and move about. I’m an eneloop fan and first learned about them from you. They are the only AA and AAA batteries I will buy now. Panasonic should pay you for all the work you have done.

I will just ask them to give me 1% of their shares! That's all LOL ;)

Great website and thanks for the effort. Australians would be interested in discharge and cycle comparison tests between the Chinese and Japanese Eneloops. Though personally I’m buying Ikealoops now.

Hi StephenK. Thanks.

There are tests for that although from a few yeara ago. I will be adding links on my eneloop test page. All availavle teats I will be linking to and probably give some of my ideas about the testing.

Ikealoops are great for the price but they dont look as good and dont have a Std eneloop version. Only lite and pro so to say.

Being new to the flashlight hobby and not knowing what Eneloops was I found your website informational. I learn quite a bit about Eneloops. I have to say thanks for the time you put into the site and it’s well written and to the point.

Hey Venom, my pleasure. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, on the eneloop101 facebook page, or in the 2005-2017 eneloop thread (see sig).

Wow looks great and great effort on putting it together!

Thanks :)

So it works okay on mobile, tablet and desktop?


In post #11 you said the Eneloop are one of the best. What is the best or right up there with the Eneloop?