October Giveaway #2 - Modified Mini-Maglite - And The Winner IS:

The Winner IS:


Chicken Drumstick, PM me with your name and address, so I can ship out the light.

This is a 2AAA Mini Maglite that has been modified with an XP-G2 and runs with a single 10440. I tried it with an efest IMR and it's really too much, (2.5 amps DD), for this light. I think a "budget" 10440 would put out less amps and be safer overall.

Here's the build thread if you are interested.

Here's how it looks like now.


The giveaway is open to any member who signed up ON or BEFORE 09/30/2013. Post here to get into the giveaway.

It will end on 10/04/2013, sometime during that 24 hour period on 10/04.

Have Fun

Wow! Looks great!

Thanks! I'm in!

Yaaaay, i’m first :stuck_out_tongue:
P.s. guess not :frowning:

Gotta try. Thanks Old-Lumens!

Look awesome; I’m in!

Count me in. Thanks.

In. Thanks OL.

Count me in here too, please.

count me in, Thanks

Count me in please.

Count me in please, and thanks!

i’m in.
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Count me in, thanks.

thanks for the generous give away OL

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Im in!

That is one sweet looking light!

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Count me in please, and thanks!

Ohhhh blue, my favorite color :smiley: Looks really good