Odepro diving flashlight needs your underwater review(US, Japan)

Hi buddies, nice to see you all here once again.

Most people are experiencing the intense heat of summer, like me. At this time, the air conditioner accompanied us. I just wanna to breathe the fresh air outside, come with me?

We can offer sponsorship with the below diving flashlight if you can share with us an underwater video to show how it works as long as you are from US or Japan\

You can comment it here and I will show you more details about the reward~

Any other support, you can contact us here for more details: www.odepro.com

Looking forward to your further advice.

I am certified as a Divemaster, but won’t be doing any diving in the next few months, as we have snow on the ground and the water is very cold.


Oh, the snow never came to Shenzhen (my working place), could you share with us some pics of the snow?

You can contact me here once you re-plan to diving in the coming new year~~

You are interested in some underwater video and maybe some sort of review of the WD43. I’m an active diver in the Pacific NW (cold saltwater) and generally go out every weekend. My regular dive light is a custom made canister, but I’ve been experimenting with lights similar to the WD43 looking for something smaller but still powerful enough for our challenging water. Depending on what you want I may be able to help out.

The website says it’s a magnetic switch. Is that button on the bottom the switch? Does any part of it penetrate the shell or is it totally sealed off?

Looking forward to seeing if we can work together.

so is it possible to do review in English, but the light shipped to Germany?

I will work on getting a couple photos shared.

We have less than two feet of snow at the moment, but it has been very cold, some nights less then –20 degrees Farenheight.

More snow is due on Thursday.

just a few mm of snow and lots of condensed air humidity on the grass and plants

worst winter experience ever 2005 in military one week survival training, –26°C


some snow chaos 2006

hiding in snow

Snow from above

and fun riding on an totally empty 50x100 parking space

man they closed it next day and were pissed we messed up 25cm snow on that parking space on Sunday as getting snow removed cars were driving in circles made it a lot more difficult

This item would be available at our German store soon. We will update several diving flashlights in 2018~

I will keep you in contact once these items reach German store~~

Happy new year and enjoy your nice day~~

My….that woke up this sleeping thread. :beer:

Oh, large snow~~the scenery is beautiful and it surprised my colleagues who never felt the snow

can't believe, right? Me too~~