Odepro new package for hunting flashlight KL52~~ready to get it?

Hi Buddies,

It has been a little longer time since we’ve met here last time. I missed you so much so I am back now.

After a long time with hard work, a new package for our hunting flashlight KL52 is available in our stores in many countries.

Here it is

A plastic case is very similar to many cases that come with other tools. It has foam inserts with cut-outs to hold all the items. It’s light weight and easy to carry. Best of all, it keeps all of your flashlight systems in one place (From one friend who had tested it)

Also, it includes: KL52 flashlight+2 *18650 batteries (3000 mAh)+Dual bay battery charger+Plastic battery case (so the spare battery doesn’t roll around)+Spare O-rings+Pigtail (remote cable switch)+4 modules (white, red, green, IR) with bottles to hold with


Presents passion, youth, power and success at the beginning.

Details can be shown like that:

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Enjoy your coming nice weekend

New giveaway comes with the above item:

Get one flashlight and get two mounts free (only for US prime)

Also, if you like our mounts or need them, just contact me here: jennazhang7@gmail.com. (as long as you live in the US even though you are not an Amazon prime)

We prepared many sets for your coming Christmas pre-gifts.

Those images are WAY too big.

Here's a thread on how to make them 100% wide:


Oh, thanks for your reminder and I've changed them relatively. Your good suggestion means a lot to me~~~

Awesome job! Are You selling the pressure switch independently?

Have you got our product previously?? The pressure switch only matches our KL52.

it's not sold independently for the time being~~We can send the replacement for the ones who purchased our products if it fails to work

Yea I have reviewed this light already :slight_smile:

People are very interested in buying the pressure switch seperately. It will also fit the B158 :slight_smile:

So, many people in your home country had purchased our products? If they need pressure switches to suit their flashlight, we can try to send it to them~~

What are the SPECS for the light?

Lumens/CD’S[Beam distance] ect.

ok,I checked the link. Nothing about lumens and will go 1350FT [450yards]. when zoomed out.

Different LED lights own different lumens to suit the specifications at night time~~~details are shown with the relative link~~

WHAT details? There is no ANSI measurements

Not many people will buy a light without the specs for ALL LED’S,Especially when your charging $100!! :wink:

WHAT details? There is no ANSI measurements Not many people will buy a light without the specs for ALL LED’S,Especially when your charging $100!! :wink:

The measurement is shown in the relative listing and our technologies made the data~~I think it would be better if you can spend a few seconds to read our providing~~

Mode: single –high
Output:100 lumens

Beam Distance:375 yard

Mode: High- med –low –strobe -SOS
Maximum Output:800 lumens
Beam Distance:400 yard

Mode: single –high
Output:110 lumens
Beam Distance:452 yard

Mode: single –high
Visible beam Distance: Depends on the performance of night version device

(Can't be seen by naked eyes, please use it along with a night version device)

We are looking for some expert reviewers to have it certified~~

Any comment is welcome~~highly appreciated for your concerning~~

This is same light as Brinyte b158b and nothing special is not changed, except this whole package and that you have all of this in one place.

Hi wolfdog,

My luxmeter shows 28.000 Candela for the red light and you could use it for distances up to 100-120m.
I could check the green and white light in acouple of days, but I think the green light would be near by the red light.

The green one will be a little more better in lumens and candela than red and better visibility also.

Thanks,the white light is the most important one to me.

I think its like 52000cd stock? Rated by Brinyte then you can Dedome the XML2 and you get heaps more throw without any other mods. I think it is a tad under rated stock. Direct drive and XPG2 DE-domed will yield close to 300kcd?

Also this a new rep go easy on them!

Waiting for your sharing~~

I think it would be better if the shooting angle can be adjusted a little~~

The red/green led light can brighten the around in daily life, like as mine above~~~

I have tested the other light colours of my KL52.
My luxmeter shows: green 36.400, red 38.000 ( Brinyte B158B 33.000 ) and white 28.000 candela.

Tomorrow I could try to make some outdoor beamshots with red and green light.

Here are 4 beamshots with red and green light ( I hope, everybody could see the images ).
The building on the long distance shots is min. 60m away.
The short distance is 8-10meters, half focussed.


Actually, failed to read them. Any other way to read them? thanks