OEM Flashlight Manufacturers?

I have some dealings with a company that currently sell a flashlight for a niche market. They did use Sofirn as the OEM (using an existing host and different driver/firmware). This company is now looking for another OEM to continue producing this or a similar light. Production volumes are likely to be low - batches of approx. 150 at a time, with repeat batches.
Does anyone known of any suitable flashlight OEM manufacturers? I’ve already suggested Pioneman and Thrunite. Any more?

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Is Simon interested in assisting with that maybe? I don’t know what his volumes are but it seems like he does some smaller batches at times and is pretty agile when it comes to changes and new components, etc.

Mateminco or WildTrail worth a contact inquiry? Manker?

Might be some risk of copying and reselling the light/design under their own name with some of these, if that’s important.

Guess, that, Company! The new fun game! I know it but I’m not gonna say. I think. 99.9%.

Sofirn seems like a good fit why do they want to change? Issues with last time? You probably want a side switch idk how good convoy is with side switches I’ve never used one. The ones on their headlights work fine tho

Thanks for the info. I thought that Simon’s hosts are made by Pioneman, though I may be wrong? I’ve added Mateminco to the list.

I’m not sure of the issue with Sofirn, other than Sofirn ceasing production of the host. It might have been a minimum volume thing. It would ideally by an 18650 or 21700 tube light with side e-switch, and forward clicky tail switch.

That could be true. On their Facebook page they promote their manufacturing services and usually when Simon presents new model Pioneman has presented very similar light few weeks earlier.

Who knows who makes what for who. Pioneman’s look at lot like convoys that’s for sure, but some of their drivers say convoy on them. Who’s making those? Is convoy? Or does convoy just have the most profitable name for the driver manufacturer to stamp on everything? Same thing with Starfish.

Probably every flashlight in the world is made by the same 10 companies in Guangdong and they all work together and trade stuff back and forth for whatever is mutually beneficial. That’s the advantage when the government owns all of them anyways I guess

Simon has his drivers made for him for the most part. I don’t know the whole relationship with Pioneman but I think last year sometime Simon indicated that the Pioneman person/people were friends or acquaintances. Maybe something similar to how Wurkkos is an offshoot of Sofirn that was mostly driven by a guy with enthusiasm (Terry). Like Sofirn/Wurkkos are the same manufacturing facilities, no doubt Convoy/Pioneman are as well. I’ve been curious about the finishing and just how many accessible anodizing operations are available to them in the region.

Bit off topic, but there was maybe a year ago a tour video of Pioneman manufacturing plant on Pioneman Facebook page. Just mentioning if anyone finds it interesting.