Official Group Buy Now Live! Lumintop BLF GT4 4x XHP70.2 30,000 lumen 1300m 7lb passive cooling beast!

It was a group effort design. I gave them the base idea and they figured out how to make it work / turned it into a CAD design that could be used. My hand drawn sketches were not up to being manufactured to say the least lol.

Although my idea (and what they were supposed to do for the final light) included a PCB between the stacked cells to both help hold them in place and prevent cells from being inserted backwards.

I hope that made it into the final light?

Not necessarily a terrible thing for those of us that have tons of 18650’s laying around.

Only thing I wish could have been designed differently is the reflector. In the video on youtube of the prototype, posted by the gentleman in ausy that you sold it to, you can really see the points of the 4 individual cones around each led. Wish it was just a smooth circle of light instead.

Wow. OP reflectors and still 1300M+ throw? That thing is incredible. It would be nice to see how it holds the output without active cooling.

You have no idea :smiling_imp:

Its there.

It only comes in a SMO reflector as far as I know.

Good, I had some issues convincing them it was necessary at first.

Just waiting on VOB’s review to pull the trigger :smiley:

The picture on the Lumintop website shows LOP reflectors. Is this not the final version? GT4

Very interesting, that is a change from the prototype, I was never informed of that change. Looks like you might be right about the OP reflector.

oooooh, that sounds promising :+1:

You know, it might help for lumintop in the future to work with T/A a lot closer and have him informed. A lot of us trust on T/A’s experience and knowledge and will depend on that to sometimes buy products from these companies. Especially on something like this, since for the most part I believe that people from this forum will be the main buyers. I don’t know why they leave you (T/A) out of the changes. My .02 cents.

I think they have grown tired of my need to make everything better, always asking for changes and improvements. lol

Changes and improvements, making things better is what sells flashlights. They should listen and listen very closely to TA.

To play devils advocate: Lumintop is not in business to make the best flashlight ever, they are in the business of making money. There is a point at which changes and improvements cost them money instead of making them money, and they have to try and decide that point to bring the light to market.

(that said, I agree with the sentiment that TA’s advice should be followed whenever possible :+1: )

But it is not uncommon that if at a prototype stage they discover how good a flashlight is that is proposed, they turn enthousiastic. If that point is reached, there is more than just making money, they may go for a good product too. Chinese flashoholics are only human too :smiley:

Btw TA,in thread title: passive looks better with double s :wink:

Yep, which is why it is odd they don’t just talk to me. I am quite good at balancing costs vs performance and finding the best trade offs if they would include me in the loop. I am always looking for the best bang for the buck option.

A lot of times I will toss out a few options for them to compare / price check expecting a response on what they feel the most cost effective option would be so I can work from there but have just simply not gotten a reply in most cases recently. Not sure why, I think it is at least somewhat due to the language barrier.

I think they take me suggesting something or asking for costs on a particular option as me saying it needs to be this way vs the reality of me simply wanting to know if change X would cost an extra 5% but gain %20 in performance.

I know not what you speak of, I would never make such a trivial mistake :person_facepalming: :wink:

I wonder why they’d drop the smo for the OP reflector? I don’t think there’s much difference in cost (I know reflectors are pretty expensive when they get bigger) between them? As far as performance, the OP will make the hotspot less intense and reduce throw (wonder how much), but help with the corona and tint shift of the 70.2.

My guess is to help with the tint shift and clover leaf beam pattern. I don’t think the throw will be effected that much, it is generally a lot less then most people think.