offset smoker

I’m looking to get a ’que for the new gords abode, now get can entail build or buy, I’m just looking for advice, recommendations and recipes.

oh and if I dont seem to respond I’ve got cell tower issues at home, so blf may be out of reach tonight, we’ll see.

I got a Brinkmann 'Le Gourmet' electric water smoker a few years ago . It is the easiest smoker I've ever used . Put chips in the box , water in the pan , meat on the rack , plug it in and walk away .

hmmmm, kind of takes the fun out of it if you remove the whole “me big man make fire ugg” thing though.

Yeah , I know what you mean .If you had told me ten years ago I would eventually use only an electric smoker I would have laughed . But the ease of use , the consistent results , and the lower costs have all convinced me that this will be my preferred method from now on .

Set it and forget it . I usually start my smoker just before I retire for the night and when I wake up , it's all done .

The people that you serve will not know you didn't slave over a hot smoker all day .

For the ultimate, look into pellet smokers. Real wood fire, most newer ones give you temp. conrol in 5 degree increments. (Mine goes from 150-500 degrees) They are self-igniting and easy to operate. Some, like mine, even have remote controls. I had an offset smoker for many years and wish I’d gotten a pellet unit sooner. Our kitchen oven thinks it was orphaned 2 years ago.