Offshelf Convoy C8 with Side Switch

After spending some time in here,looks like general consensus is Convoy C8 is very around torch -throwy and floody -for general population and their 95 % needs and best part under USD 20. However I prefer a side switch and not a tail end switch. This is for my parents,who are used to side clicky and its easier for their hand as well. I did check C8 from Simon under his Ali express site,with a no go… :frowning:

So does a side click exists for “Convoy” C8? or only option is outside of Convoy and go for other iteration of C8.Then who are reputed seller out their. No at this time I dont plan/have access to do any mods like replace a regular “Convoy” C8 with host that has side switch,esp considering prices would no longer be then justified

Second question is around tints .What are benefits of each tints in practical life outdoors,I dont plan to use the light indoors/garage but check noises around trees,bushes,walking not well lit paths in tropics.
I dont want to answers in this post , if its already answered,any reference existing thread is very much welcome.,searchweb201602_3_10320_10152_10321_10065_10151_10344_10068_10345_10342_10547_10343_51102_10322_10340_10341_10548_10193_10194_10609_10541_10084_10083_10304_10307_10302_10610_10539_10180_10312_10059_10313_10314_10184_10534_100031_10319_10604_10603_10103_10605_10186_10594_10142_10107,searchweb201603_12,ppcSwitch_2&algo_expid=3f8fdd22-b8c9-47c0-800e-2e5b356b8b61-1&algo_pvid=3f8fdd22-b8c9-47c0-800e-2e5b356b8b61&rmStoreLevelAB=0

something like this?

Or Convoy BD 01/06 - with side clicky and charging?

Emisar d1 is a bit smaller, emisar d1s is a bit bigger. Both are great throwers for their size, and have a sideswitch. 35usd.

GT mini. Very similar to a c8, side switch only. Single emitter and a smooth reflector.

It’s a thrower, but due to the smallish reflector size (slightly bigger than a c8), you get spill too.

Good suggestions. Based on the OP I would recommend the emisar D1. For more general use where you are looking at things close and far I think it has a good width beam.

On the other hand the D1S has a very narrow beam more useful for things far away.

Uhh, no. The C8 is a throwy light, period, and the hotspot is so intense as to render the spill almost useless (after being blinded by the hotspot). Even if you crank it up to brighten the spill, the hotspot will still be so concentrated and intense as to wash out everything else. Try it.

It’s a great light (and I have a C8 army to prove it), but it’s absolutely not a “general purpose” light.

Believe it or not, I’d think the SP10[AB] or TK05 would be a better bet. Wider hotspot, hella bright with a 14500, can still take an alkaleak in a pinch (absolute last resort), nice sideswitch, lightweight.

If you’re hell-bent for an 18650, any decent sideswitch light (SP32A, TK18, etc.) would be great, too.

Thanks to all folks for chiming in and so I am back to square one .
I looked around based on various models here…and came across something I like…least from the pictures… Reference beamshots
Second Image…Good throw and flood and fits the needs;may be little more actually.

Am I too ambitious to get something like this or that meet half way, around price of Convoy C8.

I prefer 18650 for the better grip/holding it as compared 14500.

Ummm, you want a SRK?

For you or for them?

Ha Ha…its for me/my parents…Didn’t realize SRK had bad rap here…As I mentioned its beam shot I am aiming for not necessarily the actual light.

Well I prefer lights from likes of Convoy. Given his reputation here .Forgive my ignorance, but I bet there are other highly reputable sellers here in BLF but being newbie ,I have only come across Convoy so far.So hit me with some names,that I can go on the quest here on the different threads

Or Lumintop GT mini

If you want a larger/brighter light like the SRK, go for the BLF Q8. Its the absolute best value big-lumen light you can get. Convoy L6 is great, relatively cheap light with both flood and throw but way too large for my personal preference (uses 26650 batteries instead of 18650 too).

If you want a smaller light you can fit in a pocket or pouch easily something with a single 18650 is more up your alley. Convoy makes the S2/S2+ and M2 either of which would be great general purpose - but are tail switch - although there’s a million other excellent 18650 lights out there that are side switch.

A C8 or other thrower is great if you want to be spotting things at 100m+ outdoors but at shorter ranges and lighting the trail in front of you I think you’d be better served by a floodier light (you mentioned you are in the tropics - means dense vegetation to me vs open fields and prairies). Or get a thrower and another light or headlamp with a floody beam.

That Sofirn C8F linked in an earlier post is actually a great option though. It is a triple emitter version and has a much wider beam than any single emitter C8, but still on/off via tail switch and just mode changes from the side.

Not a bad rap in itself, as far as I recall, just lousy clones trying to ride the SRK’s coattails.

But it’s a huge light. Kinda the pendulum-swing opposite of a 14500 light.

I’ve had good luck with Sofirns and Thorfires, and CS has taken care of any glitches along the way, so (not to sound like a commercial) Buy With Confidence.

Like I said, the TK18 and SP32A v2, are both side-clickies, 18650, hella bright, and easy to use. Find and bug Boaz for some DCFix if you want something a bit floodier.

Since you want a side switch bulbed… check these out.
They both can be ordered to come with a good battery & a single bay USB charger. Both are nice lights.

Black SP32A V2.0 Bundle

Sofirn C8F Bundle

I second this.
After played a while with C8, I found it’s not very suitable for close range illumination.