Oh happy day!

Not 1, not 2 but 3 envelope are waiting on my desk this evening when i come home! I was happy like a child on Christmas!

First envelope:

1. From DX: some circuit board, glass lens, thermal paste and some o-ring (Good but Boring.. maybe i'll be luckier with next pack)

Second padded envelope

2. From KD: SMO reflector for P6 host, 8x7135 circuit board, a keychain and a battery case (Ok, this is better)

Third envelope

3. From Solarforce: MY L2i!!! (and flat bezel) (Now i'm really happy, so i had been a good guy! Thanks Santa Claus!)

Ok, now two notes..

- KD and Solarforce use HK post and they are really faster than DX (i ordered my SF on 5/11 and italian postal service is probably one of the slowest)

- L2i is really different from ....fire host. It is really well made and everything works smooth. For less than $10 is really a good deal. Is almost useless to say but FOY WAS RIGHT..

Now i can play with my new toys use in a professional manner my new item.

That's a pretty good day. Sounds like you have a lot of modding ahead of you.

It's funny how much anticipation can build while we are wating for the strangest things... Things that look like trash to most other people I know...

YAY! I got a circular piece of glass, some round pieces of fiberglass with tiny squares on them, and some other round pieces of rubber! And a shiny metal ring! Oh Happy Day!

it is kind of interesting when nothing comes for a week and a half and then you get 2 or 3 HK packages in the same day.

Almost like they stack up at the post office over there and then they all get shipped here together.

This can only appreciate a flashaholic like us, keltex :bigsmile: