Old Convoy died, where to buy replacement parts? Fun project.

So my trusty old Covoy S2+ is dim and not putting out much light. I already bought a new convoy S2+ and it’s in route from China. However, I would like to revive this one. Would be kind of fun to upgrade the emitter like so many others do, plus I’m emotionally attached to it. It’s been around the world multiple times. Where do I get the parts? Any advice to get started?

Since you’re in the US, mtn usually has lots of S2+ stuff, and they’re good to work with. The official Convoy Aliexpress store has a lot of parts and even if they don’t have a part listed, sometimes you can message Simon and get it anyway, especially if you’re ordering other stuff already.

Mountain Electronics would be my first choice. Lots of options for an S2+. Maybe consider making a triple: Aluminum Triple Spacer for Convoy S2+