Old Lumens Challenge 2019 - Hand Made Entry - ceruleanXLII

Yeah, I typically do that from a computer. On the phone (using Chrome on Android) if I tap/hold the picture on imgur, then select “open image in new tab”, I can copy the link from the browser bar and paste that into the post editor “insert image” dialog. I find it best to remove the gibberish after the “.jpg” or (my preference) to change “.jpg” to “.png” and delete everything after. You should end up with something like: https://i.imgur.com/XXXXXXXXX.png

It is a little arduous, but the end result is clean on the forum and will scale with screen size. Don’t forget to set relative width or it will make phone viewing horrendous.

Hope you get this finished in time mate :beer:

Just moved from Brisbane to your home town. My electronics bits should be somewhere around the Nullarbor.

Kind of inconvenient.

There air is a bit cleaner over here :wink: Hope our fellow eastern straya BLF’ers have all survived the firestorms :frowning:

So i guess tidying your desk made it easier to pack :laughing:

How are you doing ” ceruleanXLII “, I see you have moved also. Hope things are improving for you. :slight_smile: