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Sadly I think it’s partly a numbers game. If say, 1 in 10 people cause trouble and you have 40 members, it’s only a small number of trouble makers. If the ratio remains the same and you jump to 2000 users. Then there will be more trouble makers.

I know that I’m not posting nearly as much as I used to. I can’t stand drama at all and yes I am seeing more of it all the time.

Dogging on suppliers is one thing, I get that and it’s good to warn fellow members when a supplier does something wrong.

However, the rudeness towards fellow members needs to end.

Please, please, please, for the love of all that is holy (or however you swing) can we please stop bringing up CPF.

I doesn't matter if you hate the place, love the place, or sit somewhere in between. 99.999999% of the negativity here revolves around the other forum and really wish we could just drop it.

This thread could still have been posted and could still be a genuine discussion without comparing it to CPF. For example the OP could have been written:

That was all that was needed. Remove one and a half sentences and the topic is still entirely relevant but with a shit load less connotations.

Yes I realise the irony in bringing up CPF lol.

Well said sir!

I think your posts are informative :slight_smile: I lean towards wight, cereal killer, rmm, 4wheeler though lol

Thank you Mattaus.

DBSAR, here’s my take on it.

Some people, myself included can see and feel that BLF is no where near as fun as it used to be. Some of that may because of its growth. Some of it may be because of the influx of CPFers. Whatever the reason, people who have been here for a long time know that it just isn’t the same as it was.

Once the esprit de corps started to die, so did many member’s enthusiasm.

The proof is that there are fairly large numbers of high post count members that have either scaled their participation way, way back or who have just up and disappeared. Heck, some have left to start their own forums (not that I pretend to know their reasons). Perhaps some have moved on to new hobbies. But most of the people I just described, people with large flashlight collections, didn’t just all of a sudden one day stop being interested in flashlights.

Just look at your “Opinions on a 200O post GAW” thread. There was some goodnatured goofing around, true, but I read nothing that would have been a problem two years ago. Stuff like that used to get laughed off. It happened regularly. Yes we are here because we all like and enjoy flashlights, but BLF is, or rather, was a place to relax with like minded folks and entertain each other. Have a few laughs and shake off the stresses of the day.

Flashlights, budget or otherwise, should not be taken seriously. Neither should flashlight forums.

Now, I don’t know, but I’d wager that SB didn’t shut down your thread of his own accord. I’d bet that either you, or some other uptight person who just showed up in the last six months and doesn’t understand the culture that long existed here, complained.

I think part of the problem stems from the influx of CPFers. Whether they were forced out or came here for other reasons, most seem to have a bad case of the Stockholm Syndrome and can’t handle the freedom. What made this place different from CPF was not the price of the lights, but lack of pretense. Like I said, we had an esprit de corps, but now all we have is a bunch of stick in the mud crybabies who can’t police themselves any better than they can take a joke.

I recently read a review at CPF because it was the only place that had one on the light and by the third post, guys started complaining that the review wasn’t worthy of being called a review and that it wasn’t well done, etc. Listen I appreciate the time that goes into those huge reviews with all the graphs and stuff, but, at the end of the day, we are still just talking about flashlights. If it is going to be all about marking our nerd territory, well, then, lots of folks will move one to someplace more relaxed.

Just off the top of my head, here’s some dudes who knew how to have fun, say “sorry” when they went too far, and loved flashlights but are now among the missing-

Langcjl, missing 61 weeks, 2131 posts
edc, missing 54 weeks, 3271 posts
Betweeenrides, missing 45 weeks, 2913 posts
ChicagoX, missing 70 weeks, 3979 posts
Foy, missing 61 weeks, 4201 posts
kresisler, 44 weeks, 3939 posts

Sure, that last one was someone who got banned, but man was he ever a character. I miss that squirrel. I’m sure he has a new alias and is here somewhere. But the rest, quality dudes. And they aren’t the only missing. I could make that list huge. And that doesn’t include the list of people just like them that still login but no longer really participate, myself included.

There are only three types of people at BLF. Those that know the meaning of Paisley and remember the good times, those that don’t but wish they did, and those that wouldn’t understand or approve of that sort of fun anyway.

This isn’t directed at DBSAR, who’s been here as long as I have, but all you CPFers who come to BLF because you realize that CPF is an over-regulated pit of despair where flashlight nerds all try to become the prom king, do us all a favor and stop trying to make BLF into that. If you continue, this place will be just the same as there.

So relax, talk flashlights, and try to flipping lighten up- pun intended.

hmmmm, i think both cpf and blf are good when it
comes to information and asking help from them.
the problem with both forums ( with a different
degree) is when the time ask info about a light,
find recommendations of a light or asking which
is the best xxx light.
people just parade each of their light and bash
lights that they don’t want or like with not
enough reason. i hope people love each other’s flashlight whether surefire, led lenser, fenix or some xxxfire flashlights. If they ask for a bang for buck, i guess that is where we help

My underware? My socks? J)

Make a note To yourself who:
1.) didn’t post here
2.) posted here but didn’t put anything other than “^^this” in the post.

And you know these people are reading this post, as they comment on every other post…

^ There are several threads like this where the followers can be easily identified by the "this's" and "thread die's", etc. I don't know how in the world they think they can actually consider them themselves "tough" or "manly". Followers kicking and cheering on a guy that is on the ground getting kicked. Nothing tough or manly about that in the least.

DBS has been a stand up member who has contributed real contributions to this forum. He has helped others (such as me) regularly. Anyone that discounts all his numerous past contributions also is capable of dismissing all other serious members past. Not cool. If he has a concern, it should be taken seriously and not discounted. He is a real man and I stand by him (and any real woman) out there that stands on the same principles.

Disagree good sir, the amount of personal hours put into the group buy is nowhere compensated with a free light

Those guys that have successful GB’s (and aren’t screwed over by the manufacturer/wholesaler when they lie to us all) work tirelessly, making a rule/law whatever restricting that is not conducive to people getting good deals on lights

Gotta respectfully disagree on your stance on this one

The guys doing the group buys is what makes this community so awesome, would they do that at the other forum so freely and openly…I wouldn’t know…don’t go there much at all

Whomever said that the “Organizers” of group buys get free lights— are you sure about that ?
I don’t want to be naive— but I don’t think that is correct in many cases.
( not that would be an issue for me)
Assumption is bad.

I feel ,but could be wrong, that this forum is where it should be , welcoming new members and answering newbie questions, it was just over a year ago I joined instead of xxf in fear I would have been ridiculed for asking such basic questions , like Which way does the battery go in and members were polite and curteous and helped me along the way and to this day people help me with basic. Simple mods which to some folks may not mean alot , to me it gets through and keeps me motivated .I think some unscrupulous vendors trying to sell fraudulent goods should be signaled out as it could prevent some people for unknowingly spending funds on junk and getting them discouraged .just my opinion.

Many times they do get something for free. It is usually offered up front by the seller, as incentive to hold the group buy. Sellers don't pay money for members to hold their group buys, (I don't think they do), or review lights, but they do sometimes compensate in other ways. I usually give the lights to someone else, or do giveaways on the forum, since I don't keep or use lights much. Actually, that is about the only reason for me doing a review, or group buy, so that another member will get the light. Sometimes it isn't even a light and then I usually use it for myself. Still, even if the member kept it, I really don't see it as a bad thing. I imagine there's good and bad in everything in the world, depending on the individual person's beliefs, so good or bad is more about how you feel about it, than anything else.

As far as the OP, yes the forum is changing. That is how life works. I used to like where I live, now there's bunches of apartments going up and fast food joints and traffic from hell. Now I hate living there, but it's just life and it's just change. Bound to happen and usually it's for the worse, not the better. The best forum is usually the newest forum, before it gets too popular. Just the way it is. No fix for it, just fact.

Hey, when it's just $15 lights, especially when it's a custom BLF version, I totally agree with you. When it's several $100-300 flashlights with no customization, there's no way I can agree that a few emails is worth that kind of repeat compensation. This is partly where that group buy forum we had talked about would make that more transparent.

I looked at that thread about the F40A because I remember posting in it. I'm not seeing what you are talking about. You got a little bit of ribbing from me and another guy about the ugliness of the light you were talking about. Seems to me that it was all in good fun, and that's certainly how I meant my posts. Some people like me love the technology but try to keep a sense of humor, which I might add is the difference between BLF and that other site I which won't raise its search ranking by naming.

Humor, for the most part, is welcome here, as it should be. For me, humor keeps everything in perspective, and any place I can't have a good laugh isn't a place I really want to be. Please don't take this the wrong way, but could it be that you're just being overly sensitive? I know you did have some legit shenanigans in your other thread. But that's the Internet, and you can't bend the Internet into your own vision, because lots of other people have, uh, competing visions. If you want to see what the real Internet is like, check out 4chan or pretty much any gaming board. What I've noticed here at BLF is that the laid back people see the board as laid back, where the uptight people see the board as uptight. That's just a personal observation. So in the spirit of fun, I give you Chuck, off topic, but hey, it's CHUCK FREAKIN NORRIS:


I feel that it’s sometimes easy to misinterpret intentions and emotions on the internet. I’ve had a couple times where I’m having a friendly conversation with someone on a forum, and a stranger interjects with a remark that I considered to be extremely inflammatory, but upon further discussion he meant nothing of it and I just took it badly. In my opinion, it’s best to have a thick skin and ignore the comments that irritate you, as often times the other person meant nothing of it.

Agreed. We’re all different. We come from different cultures, speak different languages and have different philosophical, political and spiritual beliefs. Sometimes on a site like this we all have a great deal in common, and it’s easy to forget how different we are. So I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to meet in the middle. Personally, I’ve always been the class clown. I may go out of my way to help someone, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get a novelty buzzer when they shake my hand in thanks. And none of use certainly owes anyone else a straight answer on anything. And I guess that’s where I’m going with this: Nobody is obligated to be nice to you on the Internet. And respect works both ways. Also, anyone who says anything you don’t like can be considered abrasive. But that doesn’t make the person wrong. Or make the comment inappropriate. It just means you didn’t like it.